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I Can't Decide!

So, I'm letting myself get one of the new favorites boxes, but I can't decide which one to get.  I'm down to choosing between Super Stars and Glitz & Glam.  Super Stars has more products that I would probably use, while Glitz & Glam has a nifty clutch and costs about a third less.


Help me out, ladies?  (Getting them both isn't an option right now... unfortunately!)

Re: I Can't Decide!

If the Super Stars has more products you would use then i would personally go for that! you can get a cure clutch anywhere ! Smiley Happy

Re: I Can't Decide!

i am in love with that clutch Smiley Happy i'd be just as torn! i want both of those plus the lippies one Smiley Happy 

Re: I Can't Decide!

The Super Stars box because they are always so hard to get and once their gone it takes them forever to come back in.Smiley Happy

Re: I Can't Decide!

I'd go for the Super Stars one too; the Glitz & Glam boxes always seem to hang around for a while.

Re: I Can't Decide!

Super Stars has more products and good ones I haven't noticed them yet until this post, so I think I will get it too.


Re: I Can't Decide!

Those of you in favor of Super Stars pretty much said what I was thinking, I was just trying to rationalize spending that much right now.  Smiley Very Happy  So I got it!  Glitz & Glam will have to wait until October.


Re: I Can't Decide!

^_^  I just ordered the Lash Stash and the Give Me More Lip favorites.  The UPS guy is getting to know me well lately...I also have a package coming next week for my daughter's birthday with decorations and invites in it too (her FIRST birthday!! So excited!)

Re: I Can't Decide!

I'm torn on those 2 same sets too!  I'm expecting 4 packages between now & Monday (one isnt from Sephora), so I'm not sure if I can justify getting both either Smiley Sad  Personally I'm leaning more towards the Glitz & Glam, since I already have almost all of the full sized Super Stars.  But who knows... I may find a way to justify both Smiley Very Happy


xo, Mia

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