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How to style my dress?

Hi All,

I'm in need of some styling expertise. There is a relatively formal "ball" coming up in a month that I need to attend, and this is the dress I will be wearing to it. 


I'm at a loss of what to wear with it though- for example, should I look for matching shoes or would that be too bridesmaid-sy? Or should I go with some strappy metallic shoes like the model's got on? What sort of shoes would you wear with a dress like this? I had some bright red ones in mind, but I'm afraid I'll look like I'm an idiot with shoes that stand out too much- although I have adored that sort of look on others.

On another note, how about make up? light and natural-ish with a smoky eye for some drama or a little more done up, with a dramatic lip? That's the route I tend to go as I love bold lip colors and I wear glasses, (and I will be wearing them at this event too) so I usually don't do smoky eyes or any other sort of darker eye makeup. I'm attaching a picture I just took of myself (please ignore the crap quality) to this exceedingly long post, and the only makeup I have on is some eyeliner that has smudged quite a bit since I put it on this morning and some blush that I just got and am in the process of swatching/testing. Any suggestions about makeup looks or products to try would be very welcome!

Re: How to style my dress?

First of all, you have great skin! Smiley Very Happy


If you want to go with the red shoes I think you could pull it off nicely if paired with a red lip and maybe just some black liner on the eyes. I'd pick up some silver shoes just in case though. They can be used with all sorts of things and that way if you aren't comfortable with the red shoes you can do red lips and silver shoes and look amazing.

Alternatively, a smokey eye and nude lip would look very nice with strappy silver shoes. I'm kind of leaning towards the red lip myself, but I love red lips. Smiley Wink

Re: How to style my dress?

I love red lips too, so I definitely get where you're coming from! And to be honest, i'm just not that confident with my eye-makeup skills at this point to do something truly amazing, so I'll take the easy way out with a bold lip and simpler eyes. Thank you again!

Re: How to style my dress?

First, that is a breathtaking dress!  Good choice!  I love it.


I would wear it with a silver shoe for sure, but you've got flexibility on what style.  Pick something cute because they will definitely stand out.  I personally wouldn't go for matching exactly.  Plus, then you could wear the shoes with other things.


For make-up, my first thought was a smokey eye and neutral lip with that dress, BUT I think it's more important to wear make-up you will LOVE.  So if you're a bold lip kind of girl, totally do that.  You want to like your make-up in all the photos.


Re: How to style my dress?

That's actually a very important point that I didn't really think about enough. I mean I knew I was going to be taking pictures, but I just realized that every time I've done a dramatic eye and had my glasses on, the pictures have looked terrible omg, so you just gave me more of a reason to not go that route. Thank you again for the advice, and I love the dress too! Smiley Happy

Re: How to style my dress?

Silver shoes like the model would be gorgeous for sure!  I agree that shoes in the color of the dress would be too bridesmaid-y and I honestly can't picture red shoes with this (I'm not "daring" like that though).


I think a bold lip and slightly smudgy eye makeup like in the above photo would be perfect! (Totally envy your complexion btw.)

Re: How to style my dress?

I agree completely.  A soft gray could be used on the lid as well.

Re: How to style my dress?

Hmm..I normally stick to bronze-y, or golden eyeshadows, but a soft gray might actually be very interesting with this. Time to go play with my makeup haha. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Re: How to style my dress?

I'm glad I could inspire you! Show us pictures if you feel comfortable Smiley Happy

Re: How to style my dress?

Yeah, I've gotten the dress now and when I tried it with my favorite red shoes, I really didn't like the way it looked, so it's a good thing I ordered some metallic ones to try out. Thank you for the advice!

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