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How to lose * alot of weight*

Ok, ( I need to stop asking embarrassing questions), but I need to lose A LOT of weight. I know that it's not an overnight thing, and it takes months, and even years to not just lose weight, but maintain weight loss. 

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

Drink at least a gallon and a half of water a day.

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

For most people diets don't work as a diet implies it's something you do to lose weight and then you stop doing it,  and well that doesn't work.   Also your metabolism is probably slower than a naturally thin person's metabolism (either from birth or years of yo-yo dieting) so the unfair truth is that even if you did get to goal weight,  you wouldn't be able to eat as much as a person who had never been overweight to begin with,  making it very hard to maintain.  I did the years of yo yo dieting because I did NOT feel I needed surgery,  surgery felt like the easy way out.   But reaching my mid 30s gave me a kick in the pants, and after doing a ton of research I had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy a little over a year ago.  I'm down 130 pounds and it's been work,  but it hasnt felt hopeless like before.  I work out with a personal trainer,  lift heavy weights,  eat lots of protein,  take my vitamins,  and that's that.   Next month I'm having plastic surgery to get rid of all the extra skin that the years of abuse I put my body through left me. 

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