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How to lose * alot of weight*

Ok, ( I need to stop asking embarrassing questions), but I need to lose A LOT of weight. I know that it's not an overnight thing, and it takes months, and even years to not just lose weight, but maintain weight loss. 

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

try paleo/primal my friend lost 115 pounds in a year and with minimal exercise. I have lost 20 in 3 months and i cheated over the holidays but i am back on now and feeling better


Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

Weight Watchers is the only program I know of that actually works for taking the weight off and keep it off. It is really about learning portion control and better eating habits. My cousin lost 145 pds in 18-24 months and has kept it off for 5 years with a 5-10 pd flux. I think it also works because the weigh ins keep you accountable, you are suppose to diary your food and the meetings give you a community of people on the same journey as you. 

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

Absolutely, I love WW.  It teaches how to eat better and makes you more aware of what you are eating, because you have to keep track of points.  I've been doing it for a while, and now I memorize so many point values, so it's easier now.  The meetings help, too.  I like WW because it's not pre-packaged are eating real food, going to real have flex points if you want to cheat once in a while.  It also helps you get creative with cooking.


I combined WW with walking and found that it worked.  If there's a place that's close enough to walk, just walk.  If you take a bus or a train, try to get off a stop sooner and walk the rest.

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

There are literally hundreds upon thousands to ways to go about losing weight, maintaining weight loss, tips, tricks, adjustments, and changes that can be made to aid in the overall goal of weight loss; however, without knowing a bit more about your background in terms of your current state of health, lifestyle, dietary habits, and practices, it's tough to best tailor suggestions or methods to your needs.


For starters, what is "a lot" of weight? There is a difference between mere weight loss and being healthy.


What does your normal/daily routine consist of in terms of dietary intake and physical activity? Have you weighed your intake versus what you exert? Physical activity doesn't necessarily mean exercise, I'm talking about everyday, ordinary tasks that do burn calories; however, may not be working your body and using up calories at a rate that surpasses your intake.


Have you consulted a physician or doctor in regards to weight loss and how that will tailor to your lifestyle? Are there any particular methods or ways you want to go about losing weight? Are you wanting to do it through an actual diet system? Changing unhealthy habits? Exercising more?


Give us some more info to work with so we can tailor information to help you further! Smiley Happy

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

Another effective method is the Jenny Craig program. It's pricey but it definitely works as long as your committed to it. Weight loss is typically 1-2lbs a week, which may not seem like a lot, especially if you have a lot to lose but it's healthy long term weight loss. My mom lost 100lbs in about a year and has kept it off for over 8 years! They teach you portion control, making healthier choices and just viewing food in a whole different way. My mom had tried a bunch of different diets and while she lost a lot of weight on some of them, she always gained it back. Jenny is the only one that stuck. It's not easy losing weight and changing your lifestyle so just the fact that you've decided to do something is a big step. Whatever you decide, I wish you lots of luck in reaching your goals! 

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

i lost 70 pounds (that a lot of weight) by going high-raw, whole-foods vegan.  it was to lose weight, and also because i have a lot of cancer in my family (genetically predisposed to colon cancer).  i'd literally never been healthier (my panels say so... really happy about ideal blood sugar and 'perfect' blood pressure.  also has helped with my insomnia, migraines and fibromyalgia).  over the last few months, i'd let it sip and used a lot of processed foods (rationalized due to travel, extremely busy schedule) so i'm back to it now.  that, and incorporating a lot of fun exercise.  it really has worked for me.  i keep a food and activity journal as well, to make sure i'm eating as much as i need to eat and to help see where i go wrong.


oh, and out previously $500/month grocery bill got slimmed down too!  it never gets higher than $300 now.

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

I think the first step to losing weight is identifying what's making you gain weight and what's holding you back from losing the weight.  You really need to arm yourself with knowledge because that's the only way you're going to be able to make better choices for yourself.  Here's a crash course in nutrition:


There's 3 types of macronutrients: fat, protein, and carbs.  None of them are inherently bad and you need all of them.  Try to keep your ratios balanced.  Different diets advocate different ratios, but the most generic one is 50% carbs, 30% protein, 20% fat.


Food is like medicine -- remember to eat every 4 hours.  Not a big meal, but somewhere in the 300-400 calorie range.  Of course, this depends on how many calories you need to eat, but as a general rule of thumb, never go below 1300 calories per day.  Remember to apply that macronutrient ratio to your small meals. 


Fiber will help you feel full and help to even out insulin spikes, which are what causes your body to store fat.  Fats also help you feel full and are essential for cell function.  Foods that are fat-free usually compensate for the lack of fat with more sugar, which is what you want to avoid.


Be mindful of eating complete proteins vs. incomplete proteins.  Complete proteins contain all the amino acids which you need to function.  Animal proteins are always complete, except for Dairy.  Quinoa is the only grain that is a complete protein.  Kale is also very close to being a complete protein.  Lean proteins are your friends -- think white meat chicken w/o skin and fish. 


Remember calories in vs calories out is the deciding factor whether you're going to lose weight or not.  One professor at KU did an experiment (dubbed "the twinkie diet") where he ate nothing but hostess products for a month but still lost weight because he ate less calories than what he expended.  Another high school teacher did this recently, except for 3 months and he ate nothing but McDonald's, and he managed to lose 37 lbs.

Good luck!

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

Would you call me every morning please.   Smiley Wink

Just to remind me the first sentence of your last paragraph.

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

I used Herbal Life and lost like 16 pounds in the first month. (I stopped after that)


But, Dieting and changing takes a lot of dedication and motivation! You also need a companion that does it with you because if your trying to eat healthy and you friends are eating junk food, it doesn't help either! So try to find people that are willing to change with you and motivate you!

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

I don't exercise, but I eat smaller portions. I was 112lbs in October, and now I'm 101lbs. I did it with no exercise, but eating smaller portions and more frequently. I mainly eat avocado, blueberries, chicken, sometimes steak, nuts, grapefruit, spinach, eggs, salmon, green tea, ginger carrot soup, really does make a huge difference if you hate exercising and just want to see pounds drop on their own by eating a healthier diet.

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

I also eat in smaller portions and more often, but my issue is that I can't control my cravings. If I eat someone I don't enjoy, I feel like I'm eating cardboard and don't want to eat it. If only I didn't love salt and sugar D: 

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

anypoo, I cannot do grain at all... NONE- I have adjusted my diet  but I have to MAKE my food. Occasionally I can buy it if I feel like reading the ingrediant list but usually I don't. I have a ton of recipes that are good for you, taste amazing and are pretty much guilt free. I make an amazing chocolate muffin that has no sugar ( I use honey) and is basically carb free by using a mix of almond, coconut and arrowroot powder chocolate powder and eggs. I sometimes add mini dark chocolate chips if it for that time of the month! Salt is good for you if you buy the Himalayan sea salt. Eating healthy unfortunately does cost me more but I don't feel like crap. I don't have sugar highs and crashes and such. I make a bread out of buckwheat flour so I can have a sandwich or toast with my eggs. It has no yeast or wheat flour and is carb free. I  get my carbs naturally from fruit and vegetables

It is a big change and I do occasionally reward myself with a bag of chips and then I don't feel guilty. I make pizza crust with cauliflower and it is really good and does not taste like cardboard. My daughter ( who is most resistant to change in food) adores it. It may not be for everyone but when you realize the damage all of the GMO grains do to your body, once they are gone you feel better too. I can eat organic popcorn too because it is not GMO- The  GMO's are designed to destroy the bugs when they ingest the food so therefore when we ingest them in large quantities, it destroys our digestive system as well. It is a shame we have to be so conscious about the food we put in our body.

I know we were all taught to believe that grain is good ( it used to be tolerable)and I know a lot of people don't think like I do but now that I have done the 30 days start and having been relaxed paleo- I don't have a problem with dairy unless I do large quantities- But I Have caramel apple recipes, Kale chips are wonderful- do not look too appealing but they are some tasty things. I am just saying try it for 30 days ONE day at a time. 

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

Mm! I love kale chips! I usually bake it with a little bit of olive oil and sprinkle some sea salt on it. I've never used/heard of Himalayan salt. Might go try to find it next time!

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

Monsanto hates you,..but I, on the other hand, love you!

The cauliflower pizza sounds interesting, maybe you can pass on recipe? Smiley Happy   I need to try the kale chips.  <3

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

Funny how our thought processes cross with others.  Smiley Happy    I started a thread on here the other night for those who wanted to be a support to one another about their weight loss goal for this year.   Where once a week we would check in with: how we kept to it, where we fell short, did we exercise (my down fall), did we drink enough water each day,... And give tips to each other along the way.  Encourage each other.


I deleted it,... Thinking no one would be interested since this is a cosmetic board.  Smiley Happy         Oh well.

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

I didn't see this thread @Plantgarden or I would have joined in! I lost about 50 pounds 1.5 years ago, and I gained about 30 back. I rationalize it's because of my 3-4 hour commute and lack of space to cook allergen friendly meals, but I know that I could have done better. I am making better choices now.

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

Sry, I should have said: " I deleted it before I even posted it"

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

Ohhh...I get it now. That would explain why I didn't see it since I'm on here so much especially at night. Smiley Happy 

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

I was about to say I didn't see the post either.


I'd totally be down for this. I'm all about visibility this year. 

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

Put it back! I'm in! 

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

If you don't mind sharing, how much is a lot? I lost 142lbs in my third year of university, 180lbs overall. I started seeing a dietitian and went to Curves 3 times a week and worked out every night at home.

Unfortunately I put a lot of the weight back on. The science of weight loss is simple – Burn less than you consume. Anything will work if you’re consistent, but if you’re not ready for it mentally then it will be very difficult to achieve.

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

I was seeing a personal trainer at equinox for a little bit, and he had me on this low carb diet.  It drove me bananas!  Mentally, it killed me.  I could only have like 12 g of carbs per meal, which ended up being like 1/2 a peach, or 1/2 a serving of blueberries.  I did it but I was miserable!  In the long run, it was unsustainable.  I ended up reading about low-carb diets like that and you're actually supposed to cycle if you do them, but he never told me about that.  He just assumed I'd cheat on my own... wtf?!


I've had better results just eating a balanced diet and watching my calories.  It's hard to cut out the junk food but once you get used to it you won't miss it anymore.  Another thing I find is that I have to keep myself busy, otherwise I'll eat out of boredom.

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

I’ve tried every commercial diet, every fad, and a quite a few weight loss doctors. The only thing I’ve never tried are surgical procedures, but that’s just not for me.


In Toronto there are two really popular doctors that specialize is weight loss - Dr. B and Dr. P. I tried them both. They provide "high protein" diets which are basically just a low fat, low-carb diet. I was miserable on them. You'd have to visit them 3 times a week and provide a urine sample at each visit and they’d check to see if you’re in a state of Ketosis. I was on the Dr. B program for about 8 months and I lost a lot of weight but it wasn't sustainable because it’s just not a realistic lifestyle.


When on low carb diets the things I miss most aren't pizza, chips or junk but just apples or oatmeal. Real food.


And eating out of boredom or while alone is a huge factor for me. When I started to gain back my weight I alienated myself from family and friends, some I haven’t spoken to in 5 years, simply because I was ashamed that I had “let them down” and I didn't want them to see me. When you spend most of your time alone, and you feel really bad about yourself it’s an environment that encourages eating and eating a lot.


For me 2014 is all about change. My most consistent results come from logging my food everyday with myfitnesspal and exercise 3 times a week. So far so good. Smiley Happy 

Re: How to lose * alot of weight*

When my job at work is really boring, I find myself eating cookie after cookie.  I do best when I'm too busy to eat.  Idol hands really are the devil's play-thing!

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