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How many eye palettes do you have?

C'mon ladies. Let's do an inventory count. lol. Smiley Happy


I'm not so crazy about eye palettes. I actually only have 4. All from Urban Decay. lol. I have the Naked Basics, Naked, Deluxe and Ammo. Smiley Happy


What about you? And do you get to use most of them? Smiley Happy

Re: How many eye palettes do you have?

I have a lot of eyeshadow palettes mostly from dior and ud

Ud naked 

ud naked 2

ud basics

ud ammo

ud mariposa

ud skull

ud deluxe

ud ginda(2)

ud theodora

ud vol 4

3 dior eyeshadow palette

3 guerlain eyeshadow palette


some maybelline quads

Some mac palettes

a lot of single eyeshadows (ud, shady lady, too faced, lorac, and some other brands)

ud vice palette

too faced romantic

too faced boudior

Too faced sexy

Too faced smoked

ud smoked

too faced natural

Too faced indulgence 

shady lady palettes

Some stila palettes

lorac pro

bareminerals 8.0 

a few sephora palettes

a few chanel palettes

like 10 loreal infallable shadows

a few maybelline tattos


Re: How many eye palettes do you have?

CzaCee it would seem we have simmilar tastes in eye shadow palettes.  I have mostly UD, too.  I also have Deluxe, just replaced Naked Basics (my favorite), just ordered Ammo.  I also have Fun.  I got NYX Natural to hold me over until I could replace Naked Basics.  I have a few quads, the Charlotte Ronson drea is the only sephora one though.


There's a few palettes I have my eye on... 

Re: How many eye palettes do you have?

Hmm I have the Naked 1, pantone universe colors of nature, a hello kitty mini combo palette, and does the blockbuster count? If so I have 4. Ahh I still want the ariel one though.

Re: How many eye palettes do you have?

Bare minerals the cocktail hour (every so often - reach for their duos more)

Bare minerals the playlist (rarely)

UD ammo palette (rarely but nice to have some "fun" colors)

UD feminine palette (recent buy, really like this)

UD naked 1 (often)

UD make your own quad (often - is it sad I bought naked and buck separately for crease colors when I don't want to bring my naked with me?)

UD Glinda (never - regrtwist his - I don't think the colors make looks together very well but individually I like them. I wanted the goldsilver color too)

Too Faced boudin palette (often) *i am adding a mirror to this, I swear

Lorac PRO palette (often)

Re: How many eye palettes do you have?

Lol I just got the Too Faced Naked Eye palette and the lack of a mirror just kills me every time!  I had thoughts myself of glueing a mirror on there, it really needs one!

Re: How many eye palettes do you have?

My iPad is terrible! Ok ok autocorrect disasters aside...


I think quads and duos and even quints are more manageable... If you haven't tried bareminerals duos - get on it, stat!


Dior quint in midnight butterfly (special occasions/dark looks) - not sold anymore I don't believe

Bare minerals quad in the happy place (all the time, amazing colors! Peaches/purples)

Bare minerals duo in the scenic route, the vision, the grand finale, the 15 minutes, the phenomenon (often) <--- seriously, check these out, especially if you find palettes overwhelming, or want something easily portable

Re: How many eye palettes do you have?

I have a to of them but my favorite are both off the Smashbox Master class palettes.  I LOVE THEM. They are excellent for travel. There is so much product in such a smallish package and for the price it is an excellent deal.

Re: How many eye palettes do you have?

Oh my gosh. This actually makes me feel a bit embarrassed to answer! I'm not home to count but let's see how many I can get off the top of my head...


Naked 1

Naked 2

Naked Basics

UD Vice

UD Feminine

UD Smoked Palette

Too Faced Natural Eye

Too Faced Naked Eye

Too Faced Smokey Eye

Too Faced Natural at Night Eye

Too Faced Romantic Eye

Too Faced Summer Eye

Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons
Too Faced Loves Sephora 15 Years of Beauty

Too Faced The Return of Sexy

Too Faced Pretty Rebel

Kat Von D Poetica

Kat Von D Sinner

Kat Von D Saint

Kat Von D Beethoven

Kat Von D Metal Orchestra

BareMinerals 8.0 The September Issue

BareMinerals 8.0 The Cocktail Hour

BareMinerals 8.0 The Finer Things

BareMinerals 8.0 The Playlist

BareMinerals 8.0 The Star Treatment

BareMinerals Women of BE (is this considered a palette?)



LORAC Ooh La Lace

LORAC Sweet Temptations

Stila In the Light

Stila In the Moment

NARS And God Created the Woman

Anastasia Catwalk

Smashbox Softbox Palette

Smashbox Studio Pop Eye Palette

Sephora Pantone Universe Elemental Energy

Sephora Pantone Universe Shades of Nature

Sephora Microsmooth Baked Collection

Sephora Disney Collection Ariel Palette

Sephora Pastel Pop

Sephora 6-Pan (4 are filled)

Bobbi Brown Navy and Nude

TheBalm Shady Lady Vol. 2

Laura Mercier's Artist's Palette

Tarte Amazonian Clay Eye & Cheek


Non Sephora that I can think of:
NYX Nude on Nude

NYX Butt Naked

NYX Smokey

NYX Haute Jersey (naturally)
3 Elf 32 Palettes

2 ProFusion Palettes

1 Lord & Taylor Palette

3 Mac Quads


This is all I can think of off the top of my head. EMBARRASSING. Feel free to shame me now.


Re: How many eye palettes do you have?

HOLY SHIZBALLS @latinadiva!! Do ya'll sleep on some for beds?Smiley Tongue

Re: How many eye palettes do you have?

HAHAHA that was just the laugh I needed for today!!

Re: How many eye palettes do you have?

Soooo I'm gonna take that as a YES and that's what your guest bed is made of all eyeshawdows..Your cracking me up!

Re: How many eye palettes do you have?

How do you store these?  <and no shame...more like admiration>

Re: How many eye palettes do you have?

I have a corner desk from target that has a shelf running along the underneath. Some are stacked there like books, the thinner ones are in two fabric bins on the floor and the even smaller ones are in one of the drawers of a plastic 3 drawer container for the desktop.

Re: How many eye palettes do you have?

Holy eyeshadow!! That's quite a collection!! You must really love palettes! Haha.

Whimsically yours,

Re: How many eye palettes do you have?

Wow that's a great collection you have!

<3 Melissa

Re: How many eye palettes do you have?

Or be sorta jealous................... haha Smiley Wink

Re: How many eye palettes do you have?

I felt like I had too many until I visited this thread! :-)


  1. Smash Box Click Your It
  2. Too Faced Sweet Dreams
  3. Hello Kitty Mon Amour
  4. Stila In the Know
  5. Lorac Pro
  6. ETA: Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Palette
  7. Plenty of quads sets from the drugstore



  • UD Naked 1
  • UD Naked 2
  • Too Faced Matte Eyeshadow Pallette
  • Kat Von D Ladybird True Romance Pallette
  • Kat Von D Spellbinding Eye Shadow Book

Re: How many eye palettes do you have?

I must be insane, I just ordered two ELF palettes, just because there were 100+ shadows in each and they looked so pretty.

Re: How many eye palettes do you have?

I just really started splurging on makeup, so I don't have too many yet (let's see if that's still the case six months from now).  Urban Decay Naked Basics (my very first real palette) and Feminine, with Dangerous scheduled to appear at my doorstep tomorrow, Too Faced Smoky Eye and Matte palettes, and Stila In the Light.  For a grand total of 6, for someone who was only wearing makeup about twice a month until a few weeks ago.

Re: How many eye palettes do you have?

A lot ! lol. i use to wear bare minerals loose eyeshadows but i got tired of having to open so many of them and then being careful not to spill. now i have no idea what to do with them. So that's why i started to wear palettes, easier to grab


I just posted a pic of my palette drawer the other day if anyone wants to see (IG:brunettespylove). also i have another drawer where i store my makeup that houses all my smaller palettes like my BE ready duos and quads, a few W&W and lorac etc. 

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