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How do you organize your makeup collection?

As of now I have 3 fundamental storage units - a polka dot box thing from the dollar store, a green plastic basket like thing from target, and a purple three drawer thing. 


In my 'box' I have large items, like palettes, my stage makeup kit, and bottles, like perfume and lotion


My green thing, which looks like this

but less heavy duty and more see through lime greenish, stores my most used nailpolishes. Other nail polishes are lined up next to my drawers


And my purple drawers stores brushes, lip products, and small eyemakeup.


The eye drawer has liquid liners, a black and brown pencil liner, small quad or trio palettes, a pencil sharpener primer, and small face things too, like concealer. I also shave in samples, like my bare minerals sample, a primer sample, and bobbi brown eyecream sample. 


The second drawer is for my brushes left side clean, right side used.


Lastly, the third drawer is for all my lip products. It is stuffed because its the only place I put them. I have my fresh birthday gift, lipsticks, countless lip balms, my lipliscious glosses, etc. 


I also use a sephora makeup bag for nail tools, like files, clippers, and cuticle products. I need to get something for that haha.


As my collection expands I would like to get a cup with beads and brush gaurds for my brushes. I also need a new box, preferably more sturdy, as this one was a gift from last christmas and its on its last legs. 


How do you do your orginazation? What containers or system do you use?


~We are all beautiful~

Re: How do you organize your makeup collection?

Hi berniebeauty,


I'm glad you posted about this.  I was about to post for Nail Polish organization specifically.  I'll still share about the other products.  My hair dryer, cotton balls, face washes are in the washroom closet.  The face wash just stays on top of the counter.  Some of the containers look nice. 


My brushes, eyeshadows, curler, lipstick pencils, and sharpeners are in the basket.  It's just like the green basket you have shown but in another color.  My concealer brush, eyeshadow blending, and smudge brush are in Sephora's makeup bag (has magnetic closure with a flap over the brush tips).  I have eyeshadow powder and creams out on my dresser.  I left the pretty bottles of perfume on my dresser.  I have Vera Wang's Lovestruck and that's like a flower arrangement for your dresser top.  I have my face creams on my dresser top.  Those are not in a container.  I don't want them to lay down and leak.  I don't want to have a difficult time getting them to come out once they get low.  I have a few perfume samples that keep falling over on my dresser top.  I haven't solved that.  If I put them in a ziplock then I will definately forget about them. 


Inside my dresser:  I keep a lot of nail polishes, top coats, and base coats.  I have about 37 bottles.  This was the reason for my post.  I started considering that I need to remove things from my dresser top.  (Though, what's described above is how it is after organizing).  I was looking at container store's website.  I found three or four items that I'm considering.  I found a hair dryer, hot iron, and iron holder $20.00  I like their brush holder has about five clear/acrylic tubes verticle.  Nice idea.  The product I loved was the nail polish organizer.  It's named that (or very similar).  I went to Container Store today and spoke with a sales person.  One issue with it.  Though it would save space and definately create higher visibility per bottle...they don't fit OPI polishes.  However, I just got back home and counted.  I have maybe four or five out of those 37 that wouldn't fit.  I think I'll go back or order some.  I wish the round bottles fit to.  maybe someday they'll make the same sized width and length but less comparments so they fit round bottles but still align.  I'll have to submit feedback when I can. 


How do you organize Your nail polishes (when in dresser drawers)?

Re: How do you organize your makeup collection?


This thing has gotten a lot more full since I took this picture hehe but you get the idea. 5 drawer plastic organizer. From top to bottom: Face, Eyes/Palettes, Lips, Cheeks, Everything else lol.



Re: How do you organize your makeup collection?

This makes me realize that I really need to get my collection put together in a bit more organized way Smiley Happy


And if this post says "makeup items" then clearly the writer was just inquiring about makeup, so let's all remember to be kind and leave out any uncalled for comments.


Thank you BT fans! Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: How do you organize your makeup collection?

Great thread! My makeup collection is totally lacking organization right now. I have a traincase that is at capacity and a mini drawer set for all of my lip products and false lashes. I've been thinking about a Zuca for a while now, they're the perfect size and can house a ton of items.


You all have such wonderful ideas, I'm most definitely going to refer to this thread next time I'm at the container store.

Whimsically yours,

Re: How do you organize your makeup collection?

They are organized with my routine in mind. I have 3 locations:

- bathroom cabinet: all the facial treatment, cleanser/toner, night skincare. One of the shelve is dedicated to all the 30some sample packet/jars separated by categories, I try to contain myself to test only 1 per week.


- bedroom shelf: this is  where I keep my morning routine stuff (accessories, hair stuff, SPF moisturizers, perfumes, nail polish, and currently used make ups). It's right besides the closet with a full length mirror so I can see how everything look together. The make up here includes all opened make up items as well as sample packets. Most make up are in a craft container separated by categories. There's a teddy bear cup with currently used brushes. Then, there is a 3 tiered drawer for clean/back up brushes, special occasion make up (shimmer, contour, red lips, etc), and equipments such as pencil sharpeners).


- linen closet: this is where I keep unopened skincare, make up, bath&body stuff.


So yeah, I do my nightly primping in the bathroom, then everything I need in the morning in front of the bedroom shelf. If I run out of something, linen closet it is. So far it's efficient and working out well. I'm just hoping to finish using my skincare and perfume before any of them goes bad.


Randomness: I also have alarm set to random songs on my playlist and let it play while I get ready in the morning. It puts me into a good mood despite being not a morning person, and I may or may not match my perfume/make up/outfit with the song. Today's is Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend from Moulin Rouge. MmmmMMmm... Lady Million perfume and black liner it is.

Re: How do you organize your makeup collection?

I use muji drawers, I have two three shelf drawers and one two shelf, all stacked. And I keep my polish in cute decorative boxes with covers. 

Re: How do you organize your makeup collection?

I always love this post as it can be fun to find new ways to organize my own products! I have a train case full of lashes, extra blush/bronzers/eyeliners and concealers, a second satin-like train case that is full of deluxe samples and point perks as well as  my back up containers of foundation powders.


I have a 3 drawer plastic case full of eyeshadows, another full of my skincare and liners/mascaras that I use daily, an empty Kat Von D fragrance gift set box that holds my lipstick and glosses, another bin full of nail polish and a giant gallon/tub/quart thing in my closet that is full of brand new sets and gratis that I've received and have in line to try. I know where everything is and stick to my favorites but sometimes I think I should REALLY invest in an entire giant bureau for everything... Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: How do you organize your makeup collection?

I recently bought a small vanity with drawers and I moved everything there for the most part.  Until then, it had been thrown anywhere there was room in the bathroom vanity.  It wasn't working.  I have a train case for makeup and then the stuff I I use regularly is organized in the drawer type things prettyinpa described.  I love to organize and I'm looking for a better and cuter way to organize all my stuff.  I'll be keeping an eye out on this thread to see what everyone does!

Re: How do you organize your makeup collection?

I use the Zuca Pro rolling bag that I purchased during the Sephora summer sale.  I could not be happier.  I love this bag.  It has several see through heavy duty zip up organizational bags inside it.  The bags are labeled on the outside.  Complexion, Blushers, Eyes, Lips, and Brushes (and I have another spare).  I pull them out of their slot as I go about my routine and place them back into my Zuca as I finish.  The side compartments hold all my cotton rounds, makeup removers, brush cleaner, etc...  I can slide my palettes neatly into the sides.  It looks like this:  It's short, and light weight, so I just bring it up on my vanity counter as I'm getting ready.  I really love this thing.



Re: How do you organize your makeup collection?

Organization, it's my middle name!

I have Sterilite 3 drawer organizer units for the most part, there are 5 of them, large and small. There is a big single drawer unit that holds shampoo and tall self tanner bottles. I stopped using train cases since they have to be taken off the shelf to open them, with the drawers, I can just slide one out and select from the contents.

I have individual drawers for eye liner, single shadows, blush/bronzer, tools like lash curlers and sharpeners, lip products. Then bigger drawers for palettes, hair brushes, skin tools like EpiLady, Clarisonic, electric razor, charging bases for stuff.

Baskets for hair dryers, curling iron and ceramic curler.

I have a whole beauty closet and until recently it was a mess, it took 3 days to clean it, throw out old stuff and organize. Such fun!

Re: How do you organize your makeup collection?



I <3 organizing as well! I almost think I have slight OCD or something haha. On a day off in 6th grade I alphabetized my family's video games and DVDs. More recently I did the 'junk drawer.' That was weird haha, I didn't even know why we had half the stuff in there, and we had enough AAA batteries topower an army, but of course barely anything works on AAA. And just yesterday I had to go through and organize my makeup. I do this monthly; I go through and use all my stuff during the month, withit getting just a bit out of order eachday  until some saturday when I decide the mess must be cured haha. I like to see theres other people like me Smiley Happy


~We are all beautiful~

Re: How do you organize your makeup collection?

@berniebeauty- I've been on an organization/clean up kick this fall. I bought a bunch of Rubbermaid organizers and redid my kitchen and storage closet and of course my makeup closet. Definitely OCD on my part! lol But it makes it easier not to rebuy the same clothes and shoes since I have favorite colors and if I don't remember what I have, I buy the same stuff over again. Plus I can find stuff so there's a better chance of using it up before it goes bad or I have to rebuy it again.

Here's a link to a thread Kimmi had awhile back, a lot of us put up pictures of our collections in their storage areas. My favorite is tenngal's, my stacking drawers look like hers, only not with such pretty labels and drawer liners. Hint to self- gotta get drawer liners.


Re: How do you organize your makeup collection?


Thats a really neat thread! thank you for sharing Smiley Happy



Thanks for all the posts! This has definately given me some ideas for when my collection expands... and we all know it will >.< haha 


~We are all beautiful~

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