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How do you keep a secret!!

Okay ladies, I'm going to need some advice! I'm trying to surprise my sister for her Birthday! I'm going to get us both Carrie Underwood tickets! She wants to go soo bad and tickets go on sale very soon! But i really want to wait till her Birthday to give them to her! Her Birthday is August 6th! I am the worst at keeping secrets from her! I've never been able to surprise her! EVER! How do you refrain from telling someone something your so excited about??

Re: How do you keep a secret!!

Haha @drrragon! Thanks! I'm soooo excited! It seems like forever until September 5th!

Re: How do you keep a secret!!

i think telling someone else is a good idea, especially if they don't know her and there's no chance they could ruin the surprise.

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