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How do you heart...?

I've asked this question a while ago, but seeing beautylovingirl's post about heart oarties has inspired me to post it again...


How do you heart?  Do you give out hearts slightly more randomly or are you more conservative with your hearts, hearting only when a post really catches ur eye?  


I tend to give hearts somewhat freely, like when someone posts a cute picture or some really good advice, or when they answer to one of my post directly.  I try to  also heart newcomers a lot so they can start to build their BT heart profile ;-)  So serious, I know!  

Re: How do you heart...?

@starletta8- I understand what your saying but sometimes too many details can really confuse a person if their already unsure about what their asking about. Shorter answers are usually better and the original poster can ask on the parts that they might not understand without being overwhelmed by a very long post. But I think you give good answers just like your doing my lipstick and eye shawdow friend.Smiley Tongue

Re: How do you heart...?

I give hearts to most every post that I respond to, except if it is a question that has been asked a million times and the poster is just too lazy to look up the answer. I also heart responses, but sometimes I forget.....

The new feature where we stay logged in is definitely a big improvement, no more saying that I was too lazy to log in.

Re: How do you heart...?

I typically go on heart binges... I'll heart everything I read during one log-in.  Most of the time I'm a lurker/too lazy to log in though.

Re: How do you heart...?

I like to give someone a heart if they answer a post I've made (because I appreciate feedback!), if they say something I agree with, if they give good advice and I see it, if they point something out that I forgot... I like to give out hearts a lot, actually!

Re: How do you heart...?

I love to give hearts. Hearts are a great way to show each other we aprreciate them and their contribution to the post and the forum as a whole!  I think the "Heart" was a perfect choice for this forum, as it is a symbol of  caring and from many of the posts I have read, contributors to this forum appear to be more of best friends coming together, caring about each other and are very welcoming to the newbies!  I also see those that answer questions and provide advice really take the time to put together a thoughtful response.


i was really nervous to hit "reply" to my very first post and thought I might not fit in, but then I  got my very first "heart" and reply and was hooked!  You are a wonderful group of ladies and gents and I heart all of you!!!!!!


Re: How do you heart...?

I just want to say thank you all for the hearts- yet another hundred down for me! It's awesome to see the count climb upward.

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