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How do you handle cattiness?

I have a huge issue at work. Two of my co-workers are jealous I received a promotion. They have become extremely catty. Saying mean things, talking down to me.... which doesn't really bother me. But now they're starting to interfere with my work. Not passing on phone messages, second guessing my work in front of customers. My boss seems oblivious to it all. I've brought the issues up, and she tells me she will talk to them, but never does. I don't know what to do! I'm seriously thinking of finding another job. Any suggestions? How do you handle "mean girl" behavior?

Re: How do you handle cattiness?

I love Tashalicious's suggestion! In cases where people are treating me unfairly, I've asked them what is the problem and then the ball is in their court. Then they have to address their childish behavior. Though you may get the "Who, me"? answer, but at least you've called them out.


Do it in private though, and maybe speak to each individually. If they are confronted together, they can rely on the other one for support. Also check out who is the "ringleader" and speak to her first. Sometimes if you can win the ringleader over, or at least get her to back off, she will bring the other one in line. Also, sometimes stuff like this blows over when they have someone else to pick on, or it gets old and they move on to some other small minded issue.


Good luck, I hope you don't have to change jobs.

Re: How do you handle cattiness?

Thanks! I'm hoping things will work out. I finally have a job I love <3

Re: How do you handle cattiness?

kill them with kindness, i wouldn't bring it up to your boss again because that will make things worst, they might start complaining to the boss about you. the best thing to do is  talk to these girls tell them how you've been feeling and ask if there something that you've done to upset them if so let's try and work it out, women respond well to communication, once you've opened up the dialogue, they might start to feel silly for their behavior, not only that but you're showing your boss that you're a team player and can handle situations on your own without having to run to her.

Re: How do you handle cattiness?

Nice one tashalicious! It's so hard to kill them with kindness when you're dealing with grown women acting like children. But you make an excellent point. Thanks for the input Smiley Happy

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