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How do you feel about BT lately?

I've read through the guidelines... again, before posting this to ensure that: - I'm Nice - I have Good netiquette - I'm not vague (These are the rules) I'm a little disappointed with BT right now; over the last couple of months, it feels like there have been several issues within the community; heart parties, multiple posts, people complaining about things, and (we'll just call it) member issues. I have a love/hate relationship with this community; I've learned so much and met some amazing people (shout out to SparkleKai, Vanillammm, Loretta, Killahbabe, Hackney, Lari, KB, Linda, Annec322, {I'm sure I'm forgetting someone... sorry- it's like an oscar speech}) but it just feels like some behaviors are allowed and tolerated while others aren't. As much as I said I was going to stay away because the community was becoming draining, I find myself back here wanting to help someone, or read something that will enable me. It's really confusing and awful. I'm still fairly new to BT, and hear about the "old BT" where everyone was nice to each other, and it was fun (sounds like the 60's), but when I joined, it wasn't so contentious and filled with (be nice, be nice) people who are different. I'm interested to see how others are feeling? Is there something we can do as a community to change this and make BT feel like a functional home again? I'm not looking to stir anything up; I'm genuinely asking for your candor and ideas. I'm sure the Mods and Candace would appreciate anything that helps their lives too.

Re: How do you feel about BT lately?

Thanks everyone For your opinions; some I agree with, some I don't. I think a popular theme is evolution, and I can't influence or change that so I'm leaving it as is. i think I've been pretty respectful to 99.9% of the people here with the exception of known "problems" who have personally attacked me. It's just not worth it anymore to call out inconsistencies or bad behavior. Because of the sheer volume of posts and what I see to be a blind eye sometimes, the behavior is ignored. I'm not the type to "tattle" and I don't possess a "victim mentality"; i typically handle things head on. Since that appears to be frowned upon, I'll stop. It is what it is. 

Re: How do you feel about BT lately?

I pretty much agree with everything you've said here.  When people are respectful, you have always been nothing but kind.  If someone crosses you, you have the right and responsibility to stand up for yourself.  There is nothing wrong with that in my opinion.  I actually prefer a bold person to a timid person more often than not.  Now, the people who start the drama (not to be mistaken for the ones who stand up for themselves), are people I try to avoid at all cost.

Re: How do you feel about BT lately?

Thanks Notcreative! I am a natural mediator and I try, to a fault sometimes, to get both sides together (as exampled with this thread). But sometimes you have to cut your losses and accept the sitaution for what it is. I'll stay in my lane over here and be above the fray, and complain about it elsewhere (as I've been doing). Smiley Happy It's just too bad it can't be easy. 

Re: How do you feel about BT lately?

passive aggressiveness drives me bonkers!!!  i like my aggression aggressive!  

Re: How do you feel about BT lately?

Me too! 


Re: How do you feel about BT lately?

Good morning all!


I think the time has come to close down this thread. I have deleted the last post and all of the responses (sorry about the hearts, folks), because it was inflammatory. For the record, please do not post in all caps because that is considered yelling on the internet and is a no-no in our community. 


We are always open to suggestions for ways to make this community a better place and we are constantly striving to do so. The mods have a really difficult job and sometimes have to make tough decisions for the best of the community. These decisions will not always be appreciated by everyone, but trust me, we hear it from both sides.


I will reiterate that the tone and tenor of this community is determined by you, and how you interact with each other. I don't think it should be controversial that we ask our participants remain friendly and respectful with each other. We are talking about beauty, after all, and even if we are passionate and opinions differ there is no reason to not remain cordial. 


That being said, you will probably not want to be BFFs forever with everyone you meet in this community (except me, of course), and if that is the case I would implore you to resist the urge to interact negatively with someone you've decided you don't care for. Having opinions and answering questions (and even giving a differing opinion than someone else) is fine, but we all know when what we are typing has more of an edge to it than it needs to, and we all know when and why we are doing it. I would ask that you read everything before posting and consider your tone before hitting "reply".


BeautyTalk is my baby, and I've seen many different groups of wonderful people come through this community and move on (even many of today's "veteran" users would be considered newbies to some of the Original BeautyTalkers). The only consistent thing about BeautyTalk is that it is always changing, and given that we are a living, breathing, vibrant community, I think that's okay.


You guys are all awesome and thank you again for being such passionate, smart, and valuable contributors to our little slice of the internet. The one thing posts like this always remind me is that you guys really care about what happens here, and that means the world to us.


Love and lipgloss and sparklez and llamas and mustaches and glitter. Smiley Happy



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