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How do you feel about BT lately?

I've read through the guidelines... again, before posting this to ensure that: - I'm Nice - I have Good netiquette - I'm not vague (These are the rules) I'm a little disappointed with BT right now; over the last couple of months, it feels like there have been several issues within the community; heart parties, multiple posts, people complaining about things, and (we'll just call it) member issues. I have a love/hate relationship with this community; I've learned so much and met some amazing people (shout out to SparkleKai, Vanillammm, Loretta, Killahbabe, Hackney, Lari, KB, Linda, Annec322, {I'm sure I'm forgetting someone... sorry- it's like an oscar speech}) but it just feels like some behaviors are allowed and tolerated while others aren't. As much as I said I was going to stay away because the community was becoming draining, I find myself back here wanting to help someone, or read something that will enable me. It's really confusing and awful. I'm still fairly new to BT, and hear about the "old BT" where everyone was nice to each other, and it was fun (sounds like the 60's), but when I joined, it wasn't so contentious and filled with (be nice, be nice) people who are different. I'm interested to see how others are feeling? Is there something we can do as a community to change this and make BT feel like a functional home again? I'm not looking to stir anything up; I'm genuinely asking for your candor and ideas. I'm sure the Mods and Candace would appreciate anything that helps their lives too.

Re: How do you feel about BT lately?

Thanks to the lovely lady who sent me a pm.  You are quickly becoming a new favorite of mine, and I cannot wait to read this.

Re: How do you feel about BT lately?

That prank was beyond awesome.  The way people chimed in at different times was so great.  Nicely done.  I knew it was April Fool's Day right when I woke up, so I just avoided social media.  My son did try a prank by offering me a brownie.  It turned out to be a brown E (made with brown construction paper).  I knew he did not have a brownie, so I knew it was a prank.  Although, it was funny when he pulled it out.  That was the extent of my fun.

Re: How do you feel about BT lately?

meooowwwwza Smiley Very Happy

Re: How do you feel about BT lately?

Passive aggressive=positivity in BT world now?

This makes me really sad. 

BT used to be such a helpful, fun place to hang out. Now, it is a wasteland and the shell of it's former self Smiley Sad


Re: How do you feel about BT lately?

Thanks, KB, for saying expressing how I feel about BT. I love hanging out on BT and chatting with the people who choose to be here. I think I'm friendly with quite a few of us around here, and I know I enjoy all the ladies and gents I've spoken to.


Ultimately, BT is what we make of it. Yes, it will change as the people who call BT home come and go. It's true of almost any organization that is dependent on its members.

Re: How do you feel about BT lately?

I completely agree!  I love your positive attitude & appreciate your willingness to make BT the great place we all know & love <3  

Re: How do you feel about BT lately?

Thanks mia Smiley Happy

Re: How do you feel about BT lately?


I'm new here & one of the first things I did was to read through a bunch of posts/replies/comments.

I even wrote a note about people being mean to others or looking only to be critical of specific posters opinions.


For the most part, I've been fortunate to have met a lot of great people who are so kind & helpful.

I'm learning something new all the time which is why I do login everyday & really look forward to seeing all of you. 


I've been speaking up lately on an issue I feel has crossed safety concerns since BT does have a lot  kids & teens on the forum, & especially now since school is out for the summer. I would hate to see something on the news about some kid/teen going missing from "meeting someone through social media type story." Some things I can't just scroll past. 


Mrsbaine, just keep being you! You are a lovely person & am glad I've you're here on BT.


Re: How do you feel about BT lately?

I think the best thing to do, which people on here clearly have difficulty doing, is ignoring a post or user you disagree with. It seems many people forget the 'if you can't say something nice, don't say anything' rule. 

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