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How do I become a beauty product tester?


Re: How do I become a beauty product tester?

I am also interested in testing makeup products. 

Re: How do I become a beauty product tester?

I'm interested!


Re: How do I become a beauty product tester?

I am looking for product testers if anyone is interested.

My site is  We offer natural anti aging products and our goal is to ensure that only quality products are offered.  While we understand that not all products work for everyone, our mission is to provide products that women, and men feel are results oriented.


The products are advanced, medical grade, made with only fresh natural ingredients.  They are manufactured in a GMP facility and developed by a chemist and a pharmacist.


If anyone is interested, please email me at


We are looking for unbiased opinions and would appreciate honest feedback.



Founder of Total Skincare Solutions LLC

Re: How do I become a beauty product tester?

I'm interested

Re: How do I become a beauty product tester?

I am a beauty product tester for Good Housekeeping Research Institute (GHRI).  I believe that I answered a request in the magazine.  I am over 50 and I believe that is why I was chosen for the research I am doing.  I have received some outstanding top-of-the-line items to use and I love it! 


Choose some top rated companies and perhaps you could inquire through their website or customer service phone number.

Re: How do I become a beauty product tester?

Wow, thanks for sharing with us Redtabby! That sounds like so much fun Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: How do I become a beauty product tester?

Are you interested in product testing in the stage before items are released (laboratory/clinical studies) or finalized items (free stuff, give opinions/review) or both?


It might sound like a shot in the dark but ask the company directly.  This will more likely provide better or at least how to get in touch with the right department or the company(ies) responsible for testing their products (if testing is not done in house). 


For a clinical type of study, sometimes these are advertised publicly (be wary and make sure these are legitimate companies with all the proper certifications) while others may require contacting the lab/company. 


I've also seen tons of websites claiming to have free products to test or beta beauty testing.  Again, take caution when looking at these sites (some were very heavy in side ads).  As a precautionary measure, amp security measures on your PC just in case these are loaded with nasty critters. Also do not download any program if it pops up and claims to be needed in order to see the site. 


Hope that helps. 

Re: How do I become a beauty product tester?

I agree with Jill and ran8, I think the best way to go about doing this would be to contact specific brands directly to inquire about this.


In terms of testing finalized items, have you ever considered starting a beauty blog and reviewing products that way? That is a fantastic way to not only have a platform to review products on, but could also become a very lucrative hobby! Once you get established you can always ask if different brands would be willing to send press samples over, for you to review.



Whimsically yours,

I don't know...I want that job! :smileyvery-happy:   I kn...

I don't know...I want that job! Smiley Very Happy


I know there are departments in companies that do product development and they are the ones who test and get others to test products.  You may need to contact those departments to see how to get into product testing.


Great question!  Does anyone know how to get into this??




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