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Horrible experience at Beauty Brands

It's really funny because I almost made an appointment with Beauty Brands for prom because Sephora was all booked, but THANK GOD I miraculously got an appointment with Sephora!

Today I went with my mom to get her makeup done (she is going to this thing called the Diva Ball) and she had an appointment with Beauty Brands. We got there all excited, but once the makeup artist asked my mom what she wanted, it went downhill from there.. 

My mom told her that she really wanted a Brigitte Bardot inspired look, but the lady didn't even know who Brigitte Bardot was.. that was fine, so we showed her a picture of Brigitte, we thought that she would immediately know what to do.. she definitely didn't. She started going around getting products and stuff, and she grabbed one of the Too Faced smokey eye palletes. First of all, the Brigitte Bardot look is pretty simple. All it is, is black eyeshadow (not all the way up on the eyelid, like 3/4ths) and then you just wing it out a little bit and use a gel liner to wing it out some more for a more dramatic look) so I was a little weirded out when she wanted to put color into the look and make it a smokey eye.. I talked to her a little bit, and told her how much I was into makeup.. I told her I was getting my makeup done for prom at Sephora, AND SHE HAD NO IDEA WHAT SEPHORA WAS!!!

What kind of makeup artist doesn't know what Sephora is?!?!

At this point, I was panicking for my moms sake!

She started to do my moms makeup and she was so nice and so happy, that it was seriously hard to say anything to her about what looked bad. Every time she asked me how it looked I just had to say good. My mom knew it looked terrible so she waited for the girl to go get something and then told me that I have to go tell somebody that worked there and ask for help, lol, it was horrible. I went up to some girl and she pretty much told me that they usually have the estheticians do the makeup, but both of them were out so they just assigned some girl that has a license for it, its just not her "specialty" 


She seriously made my mom look like a clown. Even all the girls that worked there thought so too.. except for the makeup artist herself. She thought it looked absolutely great! The manager gave my mom the makeover for free because my mom was so upset. She was literally about to cry. We had to quickly go over to my aunts house so that she could fix my moms makeup. 

It ended up looking alright after my aunt fixed it, but it just sucks that something so fun had to turn out so bad. 


This is what my mom wanted...



This is what she got..




Thats my poor mom.. as you can tell, she looks pretty upset lol. 


Does that look anything like what my mom wanted? NO! haha.



Re: Horrible experience at Beauty Brands

That would be so upsetting to have an experience like that ruined. The company is definitely responsible; they shouldn't be assinging someone who doesn't know what they are doing to do a specific job. It's not really the girl's fault either, clearly the staff knew she wasn't a trained makeup artist and the company just assigns her clients anyway. The sad part is that girl will likely be reprimanded for it when it was actually the fault of whomever put an unqualified person out there. It's like a car dealership assigning an auto-detailer to install brake pads because the mechanics are all out and they work in a related field a total bonehead decision!

Re: Horrible experience at Beauty Brands

I completely agree with it being the company's fault! My mom made sure the girl had no idea that she didnt like it because the girl was soo sweet and nice and we knew it wasn't her fault. We made sure to be sneaky with talking to the manager and we told the manager that we don't want her to get in trouble for it. 

Re: Horrible experience at Beauty Brands

Oh your poor mother, and after she was so looking forward to going and had such a big event to go to!  It's good that you told the manager what the problem was, but so sad that you had the experience in the first place.


It is so rude that companies can just substitute an inexperienced person into a highly skilled job. I got a bad perm once because I went to a discount salon (bad idea) and they had someone do my perm. She put the solution on then disappeared. I had to get up out of the chair and go find someone to tell them that I thought the solution was on way long enough. She rinsed it out, but my hair was already fried. She told me that the person who did this was "only the shampoo girl" who was going to beauty school but wasn't a stylist yet. The regular perm person was at lunch and someone called in sick, so they let the shampoo girl try her hand at giving me a perm without telling me. If I had known that right off, I would have never gone ahead with the perm, it wasn't like it was an emergency or anything. Take home lesson, I always ask if I'm going someplace new, what kind of experience does the stylist have. 


P.S. Your mom is very pretty, even with a bad makeup job!

Re: Horrible experience at Beauty Brands

I definitely agree that Beauty Brands should not have assigned someone with no experience to do your mom's makeup. 


But, if you/your mom didn't like the way it was turning out you should have spoken up and said something when she asked instead of just saying it looked "good."  I love my hairstylist but if I notice something with my haircut looks off, I say something instead of just pretending it is fine and then going behind his back to complain to management.  This just rubs me the wrong way. 

Re: Horrible experience at Beauty Brands

I feel for your mother, because I know how hard it can be to redirect someone's vision -- however -- if I were that makeup artist, I really would have wanted to know that what I was doing was not what you / she had in mind. I know it's difficult to speak up for yourself -- especially when someone is nice, and/or pleased with what s/he is doing -- but it's really best for both parties. One does not have to be rude about it, of course, but I always gently point out that the shadow is a little too much, or that I don't think the foundation matches, etc. Being a makeup artist, hair stylist, etc. is not only having skills but also being able to listen to what people want and respect their comfort level(s).

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