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Horrible Experience

So I recently got back from vacation in NYC.

I went to one of the times square locations. The one on 47th and 5th? I believe. And my service was beyond terrible. I can't even.

First, no one greets you at the door, but they are standing there staring at you like "what are you doing here? are you shop lifting?" and they stare you down, which I don't appreciate. But I understand that they need to have security at the exits, just don't be so disrespectful about it and not even say hello to your customers and ask if they can help you find anything.

Second, I asked a customer service person for help with a foundation. I wanted a sample and they said okay and walked away, I waited there for ten minutes, they never came back. I then found them in the store 2 minutes later being friendly to another customer that was clearly a friend of theirs. This is absolutely unacceptable to me. I work in retail and that would not fly at my work. I would get fired for something like that. Clearly disregarding the needs of the customer for your own benefit.

Next, I went to the skincare section and a worker bumped into my shoulder hard enough for me to drop my bag because I didn't expect it and they just kept walking. I don't think this is specifically something Sephora workers do, It's just a New York thing. No one cares if they bump into you, but when you are working, you should be more courteous and apologize.

Then, I went back to the NARS section and I was swatching a few blushes, picking out my favorite colors of blush. This is right next to the stand where they put makeup on customers and someone was doing someones makeup and the worker said "Would you move?" in a really snotty tone.

Then, the top of the cake, I went to the checkout, and the guy in the front was checking people out, but there were many registers opened, he asked me how I was paying and I said cash and he said "okay, move aside, NEXT!" I was like.. what?! Then I go to the end where another girl actually WILL help me and she didn't talk to me the whole time.. didn't even tell me my total. She was talking to another employee the whole time giggling. And then once my transaction was over, she put my stuff in the bag, and walked away. Didn't hand it to me, didn't say thank you. And i'm like... what the heck?! I am a VIB, I shop at Sephora often, I was nothing but friendly and I'm getting THIS experience?! I just couldn't even believe it.


I know this is all very negative, but usually i DO love sephora, but I was just not pleased with my experience in times square. And it was just the fact that it was every employee that I came in contact with was so disrespectful to me. I have never had an experience like this before at a sephora and I'm just so disappointed.
Anyways, I just wanted to share that. But, it was nice that sephora was 2 blocks away from my hotel!!! I didn't buy much, but I definitely made mental notes of everything I wanted! I actually prefer to buy online so I can return things I don't like easily. So I will have a big order in a few weeks here.


Sorry for the rant everyone! Hope you are all doing well!

Re: Horrible Experience

As a former retail manager and avid shopper, Thank You for writing this review! I Love Sephora! But customer service is so important to me!

I'd much rather shop online and guess at my purchases and return than deal with "sales" people that think they are better than everyone else. 

I am very luck to have a store here in Lancaster, PA that has mostly fantastic staff... but I have been to a handful of other stores that make me want to never shop In Store again!



Re: Horrible Experience

Thanks for your reply! I agree with you, as I work in retail as well. I find that the online customer service is amazing, and I have only had a problem once with the customer service, and they quickly fixed the issue for me. I have nothing but good things to say about sephora online shopping.

Re: Horrible Experience

Please don't judge NYC by Times Square! The stores are ALL dirty and overcrowded because it is the only place most tourists go.  For good shopping experiences (of ANY type, not just sephora) you need to get to other neighborhoods.  I avoid it like the plague! I hope you had fun in NY though and did get to see some of the other places!

Re: Horrible Experience

Good point - There are several other great sephoras within 15 minutes walking distance from there.

Re: Horrible Experience

Oh no absolutely, everything in NYC times squares smells like urine and is absolutely disgusting. But it's also a fun environment too. But, I did go to the sephora over by the world trade center and that was much more quiet and a very nice sephora. I can see why if you live in NY you wouldn't want to go to times square! Everyone just tries to hand you a pamphlet and no one walks when they should! Lol. But it's funny how much the city changes within just a few blocks. I mean if you take a few steps out of times square, you are on 5th ave where it is quieter and there are more high end stores. Then you go down to central park and in some places it's busy and some it's dead. But, then you go to the world trade center, and it's like a normal neighborhood. But i did love my time in NYC and would definitely go back (just not to the empire state bldg or times square probably).

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