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Holiday traditions

What are your holiday traditions? I want to know I am ALMOST thinking about getting ABOUT to get ready to start a family and thinking about the traditions I love and want to keep and new ones I want to incorporate. 


Always get to open one present Christmas Eve (ALWAYS PJS)

an orange in the toe of our stocking (and a banana)

We always got to crack walnuts that had money in them only one had a larger denomination (all had a dollar except one had a 5)

It's a wonderful life on Christmas eve

the grinch (the old one) at some point during the holiday season

tree trimming with bing Crosby and coco and cider

cookie baking for the girls in the middle of December 

every year getting a Radko ornament 


I'm thinking about:

the pickle ornament (first kid to find it gets a little gift)

elf on a shelf (don't know if I hate it or love it)


what traditions does your family have?

Which ones do you love?

Which ones can go?

are you thinking of new traditions this year (or when you start a family?)

Re: Holiday traditions

Thanks I love those too, we have different shapes like bells, icicles etc and they are all worth a lot of money but we simply use them as ornaments like what they are meant to be ^_^ a box of those can go for a 100$ on ebay, but sometimes in garage sales i get those amazing boxes for 25 cents! seriously, I hug the person selling them for that, i just love those vintage ornaments! <3 its a treasure!


Re: Holiday traditions

I love Christmas and all it's traditions! Here are some of ours:


 - Making some apple cider, putting on Christmas carols, and decorating the Christmas tree some night in early December

 - setting out an advent calendar through December to which we tie a different little ornament every day

 - a tangerine in the stocking toe, and only food in our stockings (chocolates, cheese, olives, other snacks, etc.)

 - setting up a creche that contains lots of little animal figures we've collected over the years

 - Christmas day: opening stockings, eating brunch, opening presents, lazing around with family the rest of the day Smiley Happy


Re: Holiday traditions

We celebrate Christmas Eve (Noche Buena), so we cook up a pig in a Caja China, make black beans and rice, fry up some yuca, listen to Cuban music, and pray that we'll get to celebrate in a free Cuba some day...

Re: Holiday traditions

My mom's side of the family gets together on Christmas Eve for food and fun. Christmas Day is at my parents' house with all four of us kids (my brother and I don't live at home). Open presents, breakfast of cinnamon rolls, and a Christmas movie followed by sports watching. Normally Dad cooks the turkey and stuffing. However, he passed away a couple weeks ago, so dinner will be different.


If having my own family is in my future, I want to do Elf on a Shelf.

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