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Holiday traditions

What are your holiday traditions? I want to know I am ALMOST thinking about getting ABOUT to get ready to start a family and thinking about the traditions I love and want to keep and new ones I want to incorporate. 


Always get to open one present Christmas Eve (ALWAYS PJS)

an orange in the toe of our stocking (and a banana)

We always got to crack walnuts that had money in them only one had a larger denomination (all had a dollar except one had a 5)

It's a wonderful life on Christmas eve

the grinch (the old one) at some point during the holiday season

tree trimming with bing Crosby and coco and cider

cookie baking for the girls in the middle of December 

every year getting a Radko ornament 


I'm thinking about:

the pickle ornament (first kid to find it gets a little gift)

elf on a shelf (don't know if I hate it or love it)


what traditions does your family have?

Which ones do you love?

Which ones can go?

are you thinking of new traditions this year (or when you start a family?)

Re: Holiday traditions

My mom's side of the family gets together on Christmas Eve for food and fun. Christmas Day is at my parents' house with all four of us kids (my brother and I don't live at home). Open presents, breakfast of cinnamon rolls, and a Christmas movie followed by sports watching. Normally Dad cooks the turkey and stuffing. However, he passed away a couple weeks ago, so dinner will be different.


If having my own family is in my future, I want to do Elf on a Shelf.

Re: Holiday traditions

We celebrate Christmas Eve (Noche Buena), so we cook up a pig in a Caja China, make black beans and rice, fry up some yuca, listen to Cuban music, and pray that we'll get to celebrate in a free Cuba some day...

Re: Holiday traditions

I love Christmas and all it's traditions! Here are some of ours:


 - Making some apple cider, putting on Christmas carols, and decorating the Christmas tree some night in early December

 - setting out an advent calendar through December to which we tie a different little ornament every day

 - a tangerine in the stocking toe, and only food in our stockings (chocolates, cheese, olives, other snacks, etc.)

 - setting up a creche that contains lots of little animal figures we've collected over the years

 - Christmas day: opening stockings, eating brunch, opening presents, lazing around with family the rest of the day Smiley Happy


Re: Holiday traditions

In my family we don't have much traditions, which is actually quite sad haha, but one thing we always do each year is put vintage ornaments in the christmas tree, ONLY vintage ornaments, the old glass ones with holes in them etc. During the summer most of the family looks around for them, garage sales etc, we always end up finding some of them in those old vintage cardboard box like this! they always bring good memories to my uncles / grandparents who saw those when they were younger Smiley Happyswfupload_8857371681462114618.jpg

Re: Holiday traditions

Those ornaments are GORGEOUS! We have a few like that Smiley Happy

Re: Holiday traditions

Thanks I love those too, we have different shapes like bells, icicles etc and they are all worth a lot of money but we simply use them as ornaments like what they are meant to be ^_^ a box of those can go for a 100$ on ebay, but sometimes in garage sales i get those amazing boxes for 25 cents! seriously, I hug the person selling them for that, i just love those vintage ornaments! <3 its a treasure!

Re: Holiday traditions

The Grinch That Stole Christmas (the original and the Jim Carrey version) are staples at our house to watch, as is National Lampoon Christmas Vacation and the old animated Rudolph Claymation videos.  What I've done for years now is buy a couple of snowflake ornaments for our tree each year (when we got married we didn't have many decorations, which is how it got started). 


When we were married, I ordered an ornament from Lenox for our first Christmas together; when Alyssa and Ashley were born, there was an angel bought for each as well as an ornament.  I also did the same for Ashley's sets of grandparents and a similar ornament to what Dan and I have as a family for my younger sister to commemorate her first married Christmas last year.  I plan to do something similar again this year and possibly get a nativity (that Ashley can't reach!)  We will get another real tree this year too.


Sugar cookies is something my sister Jennifer always makes for the holidays.  She is SO good at them too!  I don't have the patience to do them.  My MIL  sends us home with fudge, lemon bars, peppermint bark, etc.  We usually have Christmas Eve dinner at my in-laws and Christmas dinner with my parents, and alternate Thanksgiving and dessert each year.

Re: Holiday traditions

Some of my family's traditions include:

-piling as many people as we can into my mother's 1964½ Mustang convertible and driving around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights while wearing cheesy Santa hats


-going to Carols By Candlelight, which is a musical Christmas show that some of our friends are involved in, and features major label Grammy winners, minor label artists, and indie artists


-baking every type of cookie imaginable with my aunt & her family, then giving the cookies to friends & neighbors as presents (and scarfing tons of them ourselves)


-advent calendars filled with small items (usually jewelry, candy, money, perfume samples, etc.) for my sister & me to open every day in December


-other interactive December calendars on display with the advents (one has a mouse in a stocking that moves into a new pocket each day...another one is a fabric tree with ornaments that velcro on each day)...all of them count down to Christmas


-of course opening presents Christmas morning, then going to my aunt & uncle's place that evening for a feast & more presents


-walking as a big group to a particular street after the feast to look at lights. The residents of that street are extremely wealthy and their Christmas displays are beyond belief...makes for some special photo ops Smiley Happy


We do most things on an "if there's time" basis. We're all adults now so it's difficult to get a bunch of people together when they have different schedules & agendas.

No plans to start new traditions anytime soon since we can barely keep up with the ones we have. 

Re: Holiday traditions

My families' traditions are very old school Eastern European. 

We celebrate all our holidays by the old calendar, so Christmas Eve isn't celebrated until January 6th. We recognize St. Nick's Day (Which is the real Santa) on December 19th, December 6th for the rest of you guys. So I would always get a few presents on the 19th, typically you're supposed to leave you're shoes out & you only get items that fit into the shoe. My parents didn't want to deprive me of presents until the 6th (I know, spoiled only child Smiley Tongue ) so I would get a few things from my Christmas list on the 19th. 

January 6th we have a meat-less 12 course meal after sun down. After we're done eating we open presents from family. All my cousins come to my parents/grandparent's house for Christmas Eve, and the night usually doesn't end until 2 am. 

January 7th we go to Church & then to another relatives house with extended family. 

My boyfriend & I usually fly to Toronto the weekend closest to the 13th for a New Years Ball. It's a fun black tie event with all our friends ringing in the New Year (again...) 

Finally, on the 19th we have a Feast of Epiphany which is also meat-less. Our tree can finally come down after the 19th. 


My parents usually put their tree up in late December, we like to cut one in early December and keep it outside, but it's always up before the 19th. When my mom was younger, growing up in NYC, they didn't put their tree up until after the 26th. Her family moved to NYC from Europe after WW II and they didn't have a lot of money. My grandfather would walk around the city and take a tree that someone threw out already. It wasn't just my family that did this, all the Eastern Europeans living in Manhattan did it LOL 

Could you imagine the looks you'd get if you tried to do that now. 


My mom loves to bake & makes at least 20 different holiday cookies. I usually stop by a few times a week to pick some up. I don't really like to bake. I'd help when I was younger, but would get bored real quickly. 


My boyfriend & I have discussed how we're going to raise our kids, and I think we'll stick to tradition Smiley Wink 

Re: Holiday traditions

In the morning when me and my bro are all excited, my parents have to have their coffee we open one present and that keeps us happy for the minute Smiley Happy

Re: Holiday traditions

We always opened 1 gift on Christmas Eve.  Once I graduated high school, we opened all presents on Christmas Eve because we had some where to go Chritmas day.


Always put up our Christmas tree the fist weekend in December and take it down the first weekend after New Year's Day.


Each year we would buy a new ornament for the tree.



Re: Holiday traditions

 - We also open one present the night before.


- We have Christmas cookies, kringle, and eggnog for breakfast Christmas morning.


- Watching Christmasy movies.  Elf, The Grinch, Charlie Brown, etc...



Re: Holiday traditions

we may start elf on the shelf this year, i'm in the same "do i love it? do i hate it?" boat haha. but it wasn't around when i had my daughter, could be fun to do with my son! 


i have always gotten my daughter and i each a new ornament every year, and now that we have steve and liam in our lives, all four of us get a new one! it's fun picking them out, finding just the right ornament for each of us that will be special Smiley Happy 


i've also gotten carli a special pair of christmas pajamas every year that she gets to open on christmas eve. last year we added liam's first christmas jammies to the box, and also a movie for the four of us to snuggle up and watch on christmas eve. i also threw in popcorn and hot cocoa! it was a lot of fun Smiley Happy


i think that's all we do special, that are our own little traditions. it's not something i picked up from anyone or did with my family growing up, it just kind of happened Smiley Happy i think those are the best ones! i really like that with the ornaments, once the kids move out and start their own families they can take them with them and have a nice start to their christmas tree Smiley Happy 


we also always got an orange in our stocking when i was growing up! haha. right in the toe, and a ton of mixed nuts, still in their shells! and we didn't have a nut cracker... haha. 

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