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Holiday Gift Sets!

One thing I love about the Holiday season is the cool gift sets that come out.  Whether it be makeup or random items (last year I bought  the set of Rudolph coffee cups for my apartment lol).  I'd say most of us are guilty of buying gift sets for ourselves as well.  I know I'm guilty of that lol.  So, what sets have caught your eye as a gift to yourself or for others?



Benefit's The Big 10 really caught my eye.  It would be a good chance to try some of their different products.  I wonder if my mom would be interested in it, too.  She's more into makeup than she lets on lol.



The Kat Von D Painted and Foiled Love lip set looks like a great deal!  I have one of the Painted Love lipsticks, and I love it.  The set would be a great way to try other shades, and if there is one I don't like, I can just give it away.


Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil set in Electric.  I love my bright colors, so this is definitely on my list lol.  I really like the Woodstock liner since Woodstock is one of my favorites.



Urban Decay Mariposa Palette.  I wonder if my mom would like it.  She likes neutrals, but she has been wearing blue eyeshadow lately.  I gave her my UD single of Shatter since I have it in a palette, and she really liked it.  As long as it doesn't have a lot of glitter in it.





I'm sure other giftsets will come to mind, especially as more companies debut theirs.  I know China Glaze will have Christmas nail sets out. 

Re: Holiday Gift Sets!

This is pretty awesome, 3 full size products for $39.


Benefit Romancing The Mirror

romancing the mirror

romancing the mirror

Re: Holiday Gift Sets!

Shadow Brushes Essential 3 Piece Set

Re: Holiday Gift Sets!

@Sephoramusthave  I've looked at the Too Faced eyeshadow brush set at Sephora, and it looks really nice!  I just wish the crease brush wasn't so big. 




I've been wanting to see the Kat Von D brushes in person so bad, but my Sephora in JCP doesn't have them.  Hopefully the full sized Sephora in Knoxville will.



Re: Holiday Gift Sets!

Re: Holiday Gift Sets!

Okay this is at the top of my wish list now: Urban Decay Naked 2 palette! HUZAHHHH

New Urban Decay Naked 2 Colors - Is it Worth It?


And here is a pic comparing the new one to the original


The colors are called


Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol, Verve, YDK, Busted, Blackout


I will absolutely get this! I never got the original one for myself ( but have bought as gift for someone else) and I'm glad that I didnt because the Naked 2 is much more suited for my fair to light complexion. The original one has way too many darker/muddy colors. It also comes with a mini lipgloss and a 2 sides brush.

Re: Holiday Gift Sets!

Yep, this NAKED 2 is driving me crazy!  Definitely going in my shopping cart as soon as I get the email that they are up for sale. Even if I have to stay home by my computer to order the thing!Smiley Very Happy  Fortunately, if the release is tomorrow, I'm actually going to be working from home, so yippee!

Re: Holiday Gift Sets!


This looks stunning.


Sephora's killing me with the kits man...I'm gonna need a straight jacket or something once December rolls around.

Re: Holiday Gift Sets!

Re: Holiday Gift Sets!

This company usually doesnt make kits so I was surprised to see this


I really really want a lipstick from YSL. The texture rocks, its extra moisturizing and it just glides on, its full coverage and everything you could ever want in a lipstick. I read a lot of reviews on lipsticks and people always say how moisturizing the lipstick is but it never turns out to be moisturizing, this is the only lipstick that deserves to be called moisturizing. But I havent found the right color for me. The ones I've tried on in Sephora so far are way to "out there" and "runway". I know that Neiman Marcus has a YSL counter and they have a lot more shades then what Sephora offers so I might pop in there next time I go and try out more shades. I dont mind paying the hefty pricetag because I only buy shades I really love and use all the time, and I spend lipsticks up completely. I wipe them completely CLEAN with a lip brush.


This kit though, I believe comes with mascara, gloss, eye liner and concealer.

Re: Holiday Gift Sets!

Lol I am guilty of this to. There just amazing deals!


I bought:


BE Cheek Tint

BE Pretty Wild

Tarte Glam Bag

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip

Sephora Makeup Studio Blockbuster


But I will definately look at the sets you posted! They look like great deals.

Re: Holiday Gift Sets!

Re: Holiday Gift Sets!

@sephoramusthave:  If only I had more females in the family that actually wore makeup. 


@dianabt:  I've seen that toy (or similar) somewhere before.  Might have been at a friend's house or owned a few of those too a long time ago.  I wanted to say My Little Pony at first. 


Here is something I would probably look into for myself or anyone who could tolerate fragrances: 

Hanae Mori Butterfly Gift Set


LAVANILA Pure Luxury Set

Re: Holiday Gift Sets!

@sephoramusthave  I thought trying out a Too Faced set would be neat, but after their foundation made my face itch, I'm kind of cautious now lol.

Re: Holiday Gift Sets!

The TooFaced set is cute!  I'm a fan of their lip glosses and the new waterproof liners. 


The swan picture on the bag reminds me EXACTLY of a toy I had when I was a kid.. It was called a "key-per" and it was a pink and  white swan with a little plastic lock and key that you could hide your "precious jewels" in. haha very random thought, but brought me back to childhood!  




Regardless, the holiday gift sets are so great! We have a few in our office to look at, and I've been to a few Sephora stores to check it out and I wish I could buy them all! Smiley Happy



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Holiday Gift Sets!

I really really want this! L'occitane Ma Creme. Its a do-it-yourself moisturizer thats all natural/organic. You mix it yourself and store it in the fridge and use it up within 6 weeks. No chemicals!


Ma Crème Nature Moisturizing Cream

Re: Holiday Gift Sets!

Re: Holiday Gift Sets!

Re: Holiday Gift Sets!

Kat Von D

Re: Holiday Gift Sets!

I really want to see the new Kat Von D 4 color palettes in person.  I think it's neat how she worked with a child to come up with the palette design, and then named it after the child.  I'd love to see the Kimberly one in person, and not just because the child and I share the same name lol.  The purples in it are beautiful.  It's nice to see smaller sized palettes.  It's easier to decide what colors to wear lol.

Re: Holiday Gift Sets!

Kimmi---I didnt know about the story behind it, thats so cool! 


I actually really want this quad...Charlotte Ronson All Eye Need Eye Shadow Palette in Henrietta. The colors are exact dupes of Urban Decays Vanilla, Sin, Smog and Hustle so for the people that want a cheaper version of the Naked Palette, this is IDEAL. I swatched the colors on my hand the last time I was in a JC Penney Sephora and the quality/pigment is outstanding, and the price cant be beat. I havent put them on my eyes though, so I cant speak to its lasting power..etc but it has excellent reviews. Its also not a cheap, powdery shadow ( like Tarte or Stila) that falls apart upon contact, the colors are soft, almost creamy and blend like a dream. And the quad is big, you get a LOT of product for the price.

All Eye Need Eye Shadow Palette - Henrietta

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