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Hi, my name is Sarah

Hello everyone! I hope everyone gets to read this.  I just discovered BT the last month or so, and it's been a haven for me to get my beauty talk fill and browse for new ideas.  I just wanted to introduce myself to you all and show you the face behind my posts.  I don't have the most interesting posts, but I try my best to reply to you guys and be as helpful as possible to the extent of my knowledge.  


here's me!me.jpg


up there's my everyday look

here's my makeup area. Only the ones I use are up here becuase there's no room Smiley Tongue



and also here's my newest addition to my new lip addiction!


UD's revolution lipstick in Shame. I tried putting it on last night but I felt like a 3 year old smearing marker on my face.  Definitely need to buy a lip brush for this one because it's a bit too difficult, but the color is soo deep! I love it


Soo BT'ers, If you want, please introduce yourself in this thread. Show me your makeup station please! 


Last note.  I know alot of you love haul pictures. the bigger the better right? So I've been storing everything new ive gotten since the 20% off sale and I'll show you everything I've gotten in January.  Shame is just a sneak peak hehe. Look forward to hearing back from you all. 


Re: Hi, my name is Sarah

Thanks for the pics I love looking at other people's makeup stuff Smiley Happy

Re: Hi, my name is Sarah

Welcome to our family! Cant wait to chat with you about makeup!

Re: Hi, my name is Sarah

Hi Sarah! Smiley Happy

My name is Mary! 


This is me all glammed up! 

(Read: I almost never look this fab. Mostly I look like the picture below)



^ That is the everyday NORMAL Mary that people mostly see. Smiley Very Happy



I'm the big sister of 6 crazy kids, including one adorable baby, who I will be sure to post pictures of soon. Smiley Happy) Welcome to BT Sarah! 

Re: Hi, my name is Sarah

hi Mary! Smiley Happy I bet you get compliments on your hair all the time.  My roommate has the same hair texture and I always envy her.  Although she does tell me it takes a lot more work than it looks like.. Haha either way thank you!!

Re: Hi, my name is Sarah

It does take TONS of work, haha. Smiley Happy And you're welcome - I'm sure you'll love BT!

Re: Hi, my name is Sarah

hi sarah! you are so pretty and your makeup stash is lovely, welcome to BT and a huge group of lifelong friends! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Hi, my name is Sarah

Hi Sarah!


Welcome to BT! I'm also fairly new on here. Hope you'll enjoy your stay here! Smiley Happy

Re: Hi, my name is Sarah

Welcome, welcome, Sarah! I hope you've enjoyed your time at BT so far, and I'm looking forward to more posts from you! Smiley Happy

Re: Hi, my name is Sarah

Hi, Sarah! I'm a newbie as well! Nice to meet ya! Smiley Happy


Re: Hi, my name is Sarah

@shortstuff07 - your picture is so cute. I am in love with your Yorkie, what's his/her name? I have a weakness for Yorkies, I had a Teacup for a short while and I Loved that little girl, her name was Peanut, not terribly original but it suited her. She would curl up in a little ball and sleep on my chest, she just made me melt. Miss her Smiley Sad So that's why Yorkies always get me.

Re: Hi, my name is Sarah

I have two, you can kind of see both of them in my eye stash photo!  Cooper and Quiet Ryot, I love them to bits.  They always come sleep on my side of the bed because they know I won't make them move.  Smiley Happy  I completely understand why they'd get to you, once you've had one it's never the same.  

I'm so sorry about Peanut, I can't even imagine.  Smiley Sad

Re: Hi, my name is Sarah

Hi Sarah - I loved your post, that was so sweet. I've not chatted with you yet but I truly look forward to future posts and will keep my eyes open for your name. I think your post was plenty interesting and really adorable, thanks for sharing more about yourself with us. Really fun. Your picture is beautiful, I'm guessing you're are just as lovely on the inside as you are on the outside. Smiley Happy Nice meeting you. Oh, and Pleeeeeaase don't cut your hair. Smiley Happy

Re: Hi, my name is Sarah

thank you! BT is full of such sweet people. It's a good break from the rest of the internet Smiley Tongue

I'll look out for your name too!

and at the least i do need a slight trim for my split ends haha

Re: Hi, my name is Sarah

Hi Sarah!



This is me!


 20131125_175525_resized.jpg1471983_10151960806178991_548613993_n.jpgThis is what I do!  1404924_10151955851428991_1259747420_o.jpgcl.jpglb.jpglb-1.jpgcl-5.jpgThis is a sample of my stash!  


I have Shame, and I adore it!  I used it in the outer corners of the ombre lip I did, it's a really lovely color.  

How are you liking the Hourglass brush?  I'm so undecided on it!

Have you looked into Naked 3?  I think the colors would be quite pretty with your skin tone!

Re: Hi, my name is Sarah

I love your doggies! This is mine Smiley Happyupload_7345509332955556451.jpg

she is such a lazy bum i swear

Really like your lip look! So pretty! And your eye makeup is so subtlegorge ^^

I thought the brush wasnt going to do much more because I was already using a flat brush with it (the short dark one on right most tin magnetically attached to side) and it was doing a great job by itself.  But when I got it I loved it because it was really soft and dense and I just felt good using it.  It picked up powder better and I got a more even application. Although, with hourglass powders, you can never look cakey! I have luminous and I go over my forehead cheeks and nose.  Looking at mood light next! 

As for naked 3, I'm torn.  I only use toasted in N1 on a daily basis, and I have three other palettes... so... i can't justify it Smiley Tongue Hbu?

Re: Hi, my name is Sarah

My younger boy loves doggie jammies, it's ridiculous.  He'll wear them for a week straight if I let him!  

Thank you!

The eye look was actually done with Naked 3, which is why I think it'd be so pretty on you!  I'm sort of a make up junkie, so I ordered it the day it released.  I'm really liking it much more than Naked 1, and I need to experiment with Naked 2 in the mix.  Smiley Happy  

I have Mood Light, it's really lovely layered with other blushes to give that dimensional opalescent quality.  I think I'll skip the brush, I probably have something similar enough that the $35 can be better spent.  

Re: Hi, my name is Sarah

I didnt even know naked 3 was released early until I read about it here about six hours later haha. Im waiting to rack up my credit card reward points so that I can get a gift card to sephora with it.  Maybe by the time I get that gift card they'll have it out and i can swatch it on myself Smiley Happy mood light is def is must for me.  I just need to give my credit card a little break TT.TT

Re: Hi, my name is Sarah

Hi Sarah!


I'm also new at BT forum, but have been enjoying browsing for new products ideas and reading other people's suggestions...


I'm moving to the USA in December (I live in Japan now), so I will be shopping a lot more at sephora!! I'm a beauty lover Smiley Happy

Congratulations on being almost a VIB rouge!!  I just recently made it to VIB, so exciting!

Re: Hi, my name is Sarah

Fun! Congrats on vib and your future move to the US! Smiley Happy

Re: Hi, my name is Sarah

Also, just wanted to share... I'm one online order away from vib rouge! yay!

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