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Post in Besides Beauty

Heart Party time!!

So there are 5 people who i notice are on here a lot and i wanted to give them a shout out! 

--Starletta has reached 500+ Hearts!!!!

-- Spyski has 275, almost at 300!!!!

-- Kenny is almost at 400!!!

-- beautylovingirl is just a few hearts away from 2000!!!

-- roxystar4 is has 300+ hearts!!


They all have much great advice and contribute a lot here on Beauty Talk!!! Let's give them some congratulations!!! 

Re: Heart Party time!!

arielaaaaaaaa- I swear your gonna  make me cry. I just adore the sweetness and appreciation that you put out and everyone else for that matter. I'll just give you a reaaaalllly big hug from here.Smiley Happy

Re: Heart Party time!!

Aww Thanks!! I just love being apart of Beauty Talk!! It's just awesome!! Smiley Happy 

Re: Heart Party time!!

Agreed- and wow, that's a sweet statement.  Such love around here!

Re: Heart Party time!!

All this gave me a random idea: Imagine if sephora made a reunion sort of beauty even for people who are active in the bt community! Wouldn't it be interesting to meet each other and discuss makeup and things in real life?

Re: Heart Party time!!

That would be pretty neat. It'd be awesome if there was a Sephora event where the BT regulars could play with makeup and skincare together.

Re: Heart Party time!!

Thanks for the shout out! I've been away from Sephora for a week, and this was a sincere welcoming back. Hehe


Kitties for everyone!

Re: Heart Party time!!

Woop! Woop! Congrats guys! 

Re: Heart Party time!!

Congratulations everybody!!  You all make BT wonderfully fun and definitely a place I keep coming back to!  Woooo woooo heart parties are fun!  And good on you, arialaaaaaaaa, for hosting one! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy



Re: Heart Party time!!

LOVE that picture!


Re: Heart Party time!!

Congrats guys! wishing u many more!!!

Re: Heart Party time!!

Congratulations Heart Folks!

Re: Heart Party time!!

So many people! I love that our community is so supportive, and that we love to party Smiley Wink 

I know I usually come with virtual baked goods, but I thought I would give a nice ribboned box instead, because I totally can't do that in real life haha



Y'all are great, keep up the wonderful posting Smiley Happy


~We are all beautiful~

Re: Heart Party time!!

Congrats to all!

Re: Heart Party time!!

Big Hugs to all the of you who make BT a fun place to come and chat about all things beautiful.  Thanks for all you contribute!  <3

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