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Heart Party time!!

So there are 5 people who i notice are on here a lot and i wanted to give them a shout out! 

--Starletta has reached 500+ Hearts!!!!

-- Spyski has 275, almost at 300!!!!

-- Kenny is almost at 400!!!

-- beautylovingirl is just a few hearts away from 2000!!!

-- roxystar4 is has 300+ hearts!!


They all have much great advice and contribute a lot here on Beauty Talk!!! Let's give them some congratulations!!! 

Re: Heart Party time!!

thank you arielaaaaaaaa for your support! this made my night Smiley Happy

Re: Heart Party time!!

Aww, thanks arielaaaaaaaa!


Congrats Spyski, Kenny, beautylovingirl, and roxystar4!

Re: Heart Party time!!

You all are very welcome, It's good to have such wonderful people on Beauty Talk!! 


Re: Heart Party time!!

Congrats to everyone! Yay heart party x5!

Re: Heart Party time!!

I love the Cats, So cute!!!

Re: Heart Party time!!

OMG the cat pictures are so freaking cute! I can't stop laughing at the last one. They look so mad!! lol.

Re: Heart Party time!!

Re: Heart Party time!!

Congratulations everyone! I have had conversations with each of you I believe and your input is always appreciated! Yay for heart parties <3

Re: Heart Party time!!

Congrats to everyone! Smiley Happy

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