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Healthy eating: how do you stay consistent ?

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Hey guys, im trying to lose weight and maintain it.


Im 40, i have ADD and BPD and i struggle with my weight (as in i lose weight and gain it back) doing the yo-yo.


Im thinking to consult a nutritionnist some time soon.


I find difficult to prep meals, im not sure why. 


Im impulsive and every now and then i crave food like pizza and chinese, and other times its sweets like those damn peanut M&M's damn thing is so good i could eat it all the time lol.


If you have any tips on how you became consistent with eating better, please share share share lol


Thank you very much 🥰🥰🥰

Re: Healthy eating: how do you stay consistent ?

@Emy10 hi, it's a good thing to see a nutritionist, as other people said already. I also suggest you to seek out for emotional support, like a counselor/psychologist because they can understand better the dynamics between mind and food. I'm reading that you got a diagnosing for are very strong for sharing your situation with us, so that's a nice thing, talking with people if we feel that we are struggling. There is a connection between your mental health and eating disorders/impulsive behaviour. People with BPD often struggle with highs and lows, and are linked to compulsions. That's why I suggest you to also see someone for your mental wellbeing. Stay strong, and remember that you are not alone 🥰💖 feel free to reach out via DM anytime.

Re: Healthy eating: how do you stay consistent ?

@Skunk12puzzola  thank you you are so sweet 😊😊😊


I see a therapist every 2 weeks, and its going well, i didnt talk with her about my issue about eating healthy yet, but i will soon.


I dont mind talking about that kind of things, and you said it right lol, i do have quite a few impulses, i sometimes can manage, but yeah lol


In case people mix it, my situation is Borderline not Bipolar, and there are different kinds of Borderline personalities, but i wont go into details right now lol


Anyway yes, i find that my ADD and BPD makes it difficult for me to stay constent, its like, i did many different things like different diets, then i did meal prep and still do sometimes, but then ADD gets in the way and there i go 2h watching videos on Youtube (because im constently looking for entertainment) and meal prep isnt it lol


I need to find things to make it more "fun" in a way. Ill make it lol


Thank you for your kind words 😁😁😁🥰🥰

Re: Healthy eating: how do you stay consistent ?

Hey @Emy10 ,


I definitely think it's great you're going to see a nutritionist. They can help you with consistency with regular visits.


For consistency, set tiny goals. These are often "smart" goals, meaning they are Specific Measure Attainable Relative/Realistic and Time based.  Like, if my goal is to eat healthy, a smart goal might be to find a new recipe for meal prep.  To make sure it's something I want to work on, I might isolate it to one meal time, like breakfast and start out modestly like twice a week.  So the goal would sound like "I want to make a healthy breakfast sandwich on Mondays and Tuesdays." A good nutritionist will guide you in making sure you have access to those items (healthy shopping list? recipe?) and should encourage you to keep working at it, even if it isn't perfect.

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