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Healthy, Yummy, Dieting Recipies

i started a diet this past week! i'm really trying to dedicate myself to this! 


so do any of you girls have any recipies that are healthy, or at least somewhat healthy that you've tried?


thank you in advance for your help Smiley Happy

Re: Healthy, Yummy, Dieting Recipies

I agree with this 100%. You don't have to diet just eat smaller portions and control your intake. I've done it this way for a long time and I've been able to stay around 115 forever,but given I run in order to be healthy as well.

Re: Healthy, Yummy, Dieting Recipies

-couscous or quinoa and veggie stuffed bell peppers

-spaghetti squash pasta with homemade tomato sauce

-grilled/baked chicken with asparagus, other veggies

-goat cheese, red bell pepper, and sweet potato pasta (eating well dot com - lots of super foods here!)

-homemade pizza on whole grain naan (super quick and easy - I like zucchini as a topping)



-drink lots of water, tea - try to eliminate sugary juices,sodas... Try flavored seltzer water if you like carbonated drinks

-makeyour own tomato sauce or if you have to buy use Pomi (0% salt) also make your own dressings



I like oatmeal with chia seeds, vitatops muffins, English muffins with almond butter, etc


Goood luck!!

Re: Healthy, Yummy, Dieting Recipies

Thats what i've been eating asparagus with baked chicken, the Pizza sounds good, what is Naan?


i completely cut out juices and soda, the only thing i drink is water and Aloe water 

Re: Healthy, Yummy, Dieting Recipies

naan is indian flatbread. It is very delicious. swfupload_5326394180120306644.jpg

Re: Healthy, Yummy, Dieting Recipies

Hm, it looks good, do you make it or can you buy it like that?

Re: Healthy, Yummy, Dieting Recipies

You mentioned you shopped at whole foods, you should be able to get it there!  Sometimes they have frozen naan which you can heat up in the oven.  You can also just buy it packaged.  The naan above clearly is covered in butter, which you might want to skip for dieting reasons. Smiley Happy

Re: Healthy, Yummy, Dieting Recipies

Yes no butter for me Smiley Happy yeah i shop at whole foods and like an organic market so between the two they should have it somewhere

Re: Healthy, Yummy, Dieting Recipies

I buy my naan at whole foods! They sell Pomi there too! The naan at whole foods is surprisingly a better deal than at my Kroger. I like the fresh ground nut butters there too!

Re: Healthy, Yummy, Dieting Recipies

Re naan-You can make it yourself, check out Indian cookbooks for a recipe. Or you can buy it in International food stores, there's an Indian grocery near Harrisburg, PA that stocks all manners of bread, fresh as well as frozen.

Re: Healthy, Yummy, Dieting Recipies

Check out The author of this blog focuses on "clean eating." She has a ton of healthy receipes and she also makes a lot of suggestions for substitutions within the recipes if someone can't have something (for example, switching out soy milk with rice milk). She has a whole section of "dude food" that she has cleaned up so to speak to make it healthier. A few of my favorite recipes are the nut-crusted chicken, citrus chicken, and chicken souvlaki.   

Re: Healthy, Yummy, Dieting Recipies

Yum i'm looking at the recipe now and it has blueberry french toast cassarolle

Re: Healthy, Yummy, Dieting Recipies

annonymous1 im going to PM you Smiley Happy I have a link

Re: Healthy, Yummy, Dieting Recipies

Ok thank you!

Re: Healthy, Yummy, Dieting Recipies

For breakfast, I like to have some greek yogurt, add bit of protein powder, coconut chia granola or cinnamon raisin granola, and top it off with flaxseeds.

For filling snack, top some peanut butter on a banana and add unsweetend coconut flakes on top or small amount of granola

For like dinners, I like to quinoa and top it off with lean turkey, mushrooms, avocados, and spicy salsa.

If you want any other advice, let me know, I'm a nutriton major and love fitness



Re: Healthy, Yummy, Dieting Recipies

Take a breeze through my food thread here:


Myself and tons of the other gals share recipes for yummy meals, give ideas for healthy dishes, and even just flat out share some delish splurges! Smiley Happy


There's been everything from pasta, soup, beef, pork, curry, cake, chicken, fish, casserole dishes, and tons more shared.

Re: Healthy, Yummy, Dieting Recipies

I sub coconut for a lot of things, and it really works well for met at least. Most times I can't even tell the difference or it tastes better to me. Coconut oil for butter, coconut flour for AP flour, and coconut cream for sour cream.


I also really love chia pudding. Just mix chia seeds and coconut milk, and honey or berries or almonds or anything else you want to put in it.

Re: Healthy, Yummy, Dieting Recipies

check out nature box..its a subscirption box for 10 dollars a month they send you 5 full size healthy low fat snacks Smiley Happy

Re: Healthy, Yummy, Dieting Recipies

One of my favorite soup recipes uses no meat, no added salt, and it's wonderful (even my salt-aholic and meat-eating dad went back for seconds). 


Go to and search for Black Bean Vegetable Soup. 


It's a very forgiving recipe.  If I have time, I soak dried beans instead of using canned, and I use fresh/frozen veggies instead of canned.  When I do use canned, I always look for the lower-sodium varieties.  However, I must say, I use chicken broth instead of vegetable stock.  I don't bother pureeing any of the soup, because I have enough time to cook it long enough to thicken on its own.  I don't normally like avocadoes, but I'll chop it up and put it in the individual bowls, and it kind of melts into the soup and makes it creamy.  I also offer lime wedges to squeeze into the soup.  Tortilla chips are good with it.  We recently started buying some unsalted tortilla chips that are very good. 


Mmmm.  I haven't fixed this in a while.  Maybe sometime next week!  :-)



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