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He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

Since I see this forum as an online family, I have some exciting news to share.  I got engaged over the weekend!!!!!  Smiley Very Happy   Lanndan asked me on our camping trip in Pigeon Forge.  Our friends that were with us were in on the whole thing lol.  We were all going for a walk in the beautiful park near the camp ground, which also has a beautiful gazebo.  Our friends, another couple, said we should take pictures in the gazebo (last time we were there in the summer a couple was getting married there).  They went first and Lanndan took their pictures, and then Lanndan and I went up and had our picture taken.  For the next picture Lanndan said we should switch positions.  That's when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!!  After a surprised, speechless second I said yes and OMG I don't know how many times lol.  Chelsea took pictures of the entire thing and Dylan caught it on video with Chelsea's iPhone.  Everyone knew except for me, and I am usually hard to surprise. 


Both of our families knew as well.  He talked to my dad way beforehand, and dad said he knew it was coming sooner or later.  Mom said that dad told her Lanndan was nervous as could be, but my family absolutely loves Lanndan.  Before getting married, we are going to finish school first.  That will allow plenty of time to plan a wedding, and with our degrees, hopefully, be better set for starting the next phase of our lives together. 





The ring is about a fourth of a size too big, so until I get it fixed I have my promise ring in front of it as a guard.  I'm trying to find a ring guard/sizer since I may grow into the ring since I'm supposed to gain weight due to being underweight, which is difficult since I have to limit gluten. 






I'm a picture person, so I used an app to make a collage of some pictures of me and Lanndan.  Doobie is even in one of the Christmas pictures lol.

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

Congratulations and best of luck! I'm so happy for you!! Smiley Happy

Of course, the first thing I thought about was, "Her makeup at the wedding is goint to be to die for!" lol Smiley Wink

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

@charlotte  Thank you!  I can only imagine how many new products will be available by the time of the wedding.  Is it possible to register at Sephora? lol Smiley Very Happy



@lylysa  The clear gel coat definitely sounds interesting to preserve designs.  I've noticed many brands are coming out with their own at home kits.  For as durable as they sound, I think my mom would be interested in the gel nails.  She works in a factory producing car parts, and the machines can be rough on her nails and cuticles.  She's been in pain from it before.  She's been on 12 hours, so I've not had the chance to give her manicure to try to help her cuticles.  If the gel nails are durable, they may protect her nails from work.



@melissabt  Thank you!  We're very happy, and January will make 3 years since we've been dating. 

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

Congratulations, Kimmi! What a sweet story -- and you both look so happy! I wish the best to you both! Smiley Very Happy

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

Yay for u!  Weddings are so exciting!  Congratulations.

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

That is so sweet! I love your ring, it is beautiful! 


Congratulations to you both Smiley Happy


~We are all beautiful~

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!



*cough* Anyways, that is very exciting news. You two look adorable and so happy together!


That is SO romantic. Super congradulations! *huuuuug*

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!



Congrats to you both (or three, including Doobie), Kimmi!!!!!

I'm so happy for you and I'm glad you shared this with us! The ring is beautiful and I love the photo collage!


What a great bit of news to kick off Monday!

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

Let me be the first to congratulate you! You two make the cutest couple ever!

The proposal was awesome, what a romantic event! (I love romance, don't see enough of it these days)!

Your ring is very pretty- you can get guards at most jewelry stores and I've seen them in the Wal-Mart, near the jewelry battery section. In a pinch, you can wrap fishing line around the band, it doesn't absorb water so it won't get gooey when you wash your hands and it wraps up pretty quickly, especially if you use thicker line.


Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

@prettyinpa Thank you!  The Wal-Mart here doesn't carry them for some reason.  Kmart usually does, but they were out when I went yesterday.  I'm going to Kingsport tomorrow with Lanndan so surely we'll find something somewhere.  I didn't know about the fishing line trick.  My dad has plenty of it, so maybe he spot me some lol.



@lylysa  Thank you!  It was definitely the highlight of my weekend and Fall Break!  I used an iPhone app to make the collage.  It's called Photo Tangler, and when I downloaded it it was free.  It should still be.



@janinebt  Thank you!  I don't think I could handle planning a wedding with my school schedule, especially with all the readings for my English classes.  My parents got married shortly after getting engaged, but they went to the courthouse.  She said it was a rough start, but they made it.  I believe she was relieved to hear that Lanndan and I are going to finish school first lol.



@beautytester  Thank you!  We're both very happy.  We're the crazy cat couple lol.  Lanndan says we'll have like 5 cats and a great dane lol.  I can just a great dane sleeping on the couch with cats surrounding him or her lol. 


Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

The photo of your fiance carrying you is my fave! It's so precious! I know we're all so happy for you, Kimmi!

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

Aww!! Congratulations Kimmi! Thank you for sharing this exciting news with us. That proposal sounds absolutely perfect!


I agree with prettyinpa, you guys are such a cute couple. It's good that you're waiting until after college to start planning the wedding, my parents got engaged AND planned their entire wedding while in school. I believe my mom graduated and walked down the isle in the same week, which is absolutely nuts o.O.

Whimsically yours,
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