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He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

Since I see this forum as an online family, I have some exciting news to share.  I got engaged over the weekend!!!!!  Smiley Very Happy   Lanndan asked me on our camping trip in Pigeon Forge.  Our friends that were with us were in on the whole thing lol.  We were all going for a walk in the beautiful park near the camp ground, which also has a beautiful gazebo.  Our friends, another couple, said we should take pictures in the gazebo (last time we were there in the summer a couple was getting married there).  They went first and Lanndan took their pictures, and then Lanndan and I went up and had our picture taken.  For the next picture Lanndan said we should switch positions.  That's when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!!  After a surprised, speechless second I said yes and OMG I don't know how many times lol.  Chelsea took pictures of the entire thing and Dylan caught it on video with Chelsea's iPhone.  Everyone knew except for me, and I am usually hard to surprise. 


Both of our families knew as well.  He talked to my dad way beforehand, and dad said he knew it was coming sooner or later.  Mom said that dad told her Lanndan was nervous as could be, but my family absolutely loves Lanndan.  Before getting married, we are going to finish school first.  That will allow plenty of time to plan a wedding, and with our degrees, hopefully, be better set for starting the next phase of our lives together. 





The ring is about a fourth of a size too big, so until I get it fixed I have my promise ring in front of it as a guard.  I'm trying to find a ring guard/sizer since I may grow into the ring since I'm supposed to gain weight due to being underweight, which is difficult since I have to limit gluten. 






I'm a picture person, so I used an app to make a collage of some pictures of me and Lanndan.  Doobie is even in one of the Christmas pictures lol.

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

Hi again kimmi1115 -


Just a thought regarding weight gain. I've been on liquids since before Easter, not as a 'fad liquid or cleansing diet' -  just because I've been too sick for solids, you and I know how those intestinal things go. Enough about though.


Anyhow, I can't tolerate any of the Ensure like products that provide nourishment or calories. I use Carnation Instant Breakfast Drink, but I have a trick that works for me. French Vanilla makes me gag, can't swallow it and milk chocolate is nasty chalky to me until.....I mix the two together...Ta-Da. This is my recipe:


I mix the Van & Choc with WATER, not with milk like the package says. I actually have been mixing the heck out of two packages of Carnation in small tea/coffee cup with maybe 2 inches of water. It's really thick, sometimes I add a speck more water. Then I freeze it. It ends up tasting like Yoo-hoo or a Fudg-icle. If I find that's it's actually Too thick I just add a litttle more water to the already frozen creation and mix it into the frozen mix. One thing, if it sits out and melts it gets yucky, to me atleast.


You could put it into one of those things where you make home-made popsicles too. If you mix it with milk the calories will be even higher, don't know about taste. It really can put some weight on, if you can toletate it and it's gluten-free. All of those other drinks are nasty to me, Thank God this worked for me....sometimes too well!  Probably better in warmer weather when you want something cold. So I put on a blanket or a sweater. I've used this for LONG periods of time over the years. It gets tiresome sometimes, but you gotta do what you gotta do.


Hope maybe it's helpful, I'll be praying for you about this issues as well as all of the wonderful ones. Be well. Can you believe you're a Fiancee? Yeah You!!!!

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

Oh My Gosh Kimme1115 I am SOOOO excited for you. That is so awesome. I love that they set you up and got video and that nobody slipped and spilled the beans. The Ring is Gorgeous!!!! Looks identical to my SIL's and hers is amazing. What a beautiful story to tell/show and share with the generations. I loved your collage too, that's quite impressive, I really like that, you did a wonderful job. I just have one problem with all of this, what did your nails look like? boo-hoo.


Do you think that you will have your wedding at the gazebo as well? or maybe reserve time to take pictures there? I think it's such a great omen that you saw that couple there the last time, I think that means something good. Did your fiance set that up too??? How far back does this conspiracy go?? j/k Good idea to put the promise ring there to keep the ring on safely. Good point though, if you're looking to put weight on you should maybe leave it alone. You can also get metal 'sizers' that go in the bottom, inside the ring and you can make slight adjustments as needed.


I keep saying I'm going to get back to any of your PM's that I may not have returned or just to see how you've been feeling. This should release some of that school stuff that's been going on, I hope.Hope you're feeling well physically too. Also glad you're not in any rush and the families approve. Engagements, Weddings, Babies.....just some of the best medicine and so good for your heart and soul. Wish you could see the big smile on my face and the little smiles and hearts coming out of my eyes as I read and am writing this. All the best to both of you. Congratulations, enjoy every second of it. Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

(wish there was an emoticon that would show 2 smileys smooching for you guys)  Smiley Happy Smiley Happy


BTW - QUICK!! SOMEBODY CALL BUDDY, THE CAKE BOSS!!!!!!!!! That would be cool.

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

@makeupobsessed  Thank you!!  Although it's still a while away, my mom and I have been talking about ideas.  It's an interesting and fun discussion lol.



@kssweetheart  Thank you!!  Your message is so sweet!  I mentioned the couple getting married at the gazebo to Lanndan, and he said he didn't remember them lol.  I've always liked gazebos, though, and other outdoor stuff.  I'm actually surprised my dad hasn't built one yet since woodworking is one of his hobbies.  He's currently working on a cedar cat tower for Doobie and Jasmine for Christmas lol.  The day Lanndan proposed, I was wearing the glitter polish China Glaze Glitter Goblin from this year's Halloween collection.  It reminds me of the November birthstone!


I believe both of our families are glad we're waiting until after school.  It'll also help us have a bit more steady start.  He graduates in the Spring with his associates degree (3 year plan due to his work), and he can do almost anything with it in accounting.  He'll probably be sent back by the company he may someday work in order to get his bachelors.  For me, teaching requires the minimum bachelors degree lol. 


I finally found the rubber ring snuggies.  It was a hunt to find them!  Walmart, Kmart, Target, local jewelry store, and Zales did not have them.  A jeweler told us to look at Claire's.  I was amazed they carried them, and there were only two packs left.  I never thought of looking at Claire's.


Where I have to limit my gluten, I'm still at the same weight, and my family and friends still worry.  I'm not much of milk drinker, either.  I just can't stand the taste.  I actually drink the Carnation breakfast drinks from time to time due to school.   It can be quite a while before I eat again due to class and work study (but they do let me each there), so it keeps my energy up pretty well.  I'll have to give your recipe a try sometime cause it sounds really good!  The other protein type drinks I've tried are not that good.  My uncle, another worried family member, gave me some of that whey protein stuff in the gaint tub.  It said it was chocolate flavored, but it tasted nasty!!  I also tried one of the Naked brand drinks.  It was the green one, and it was disgusting, too.  How do some people drink them on a daily basis?! lol


Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

hi kimmi1115 - It's very easy to write a sweet message when your heart is smiling the way mine was and still is, reading and writing to you, it really just flows out. Your Fiancee is so bad, and so good, saying he didn't remember the gazebo, yes he did...So well planned! Men! I also love gazebos, there's something so romantic and magical about them. It would be lovely to have pics at one. Your dad has to step things up! What's the estimated time, not sure how sking until you and Lanndan have until graduation. I have a friend who's husband made their Marital Bed himself, all hand tooled with spindles and amazing detail, even a stepper so she could get up, the bed is really high, can you imagine that? **cry, cry**  I almost mentioned the clear rubber things, wasn't sure if you'd like them, I have them but never used them. Glad you found and hopefully like them.


I know how you feel about the Nasty drinks, some people actually do like them......I don't get it. My senses are very heightened (i.e. I can tell butter is bad 1 1/2 days B4 anyone else, I say it and they all roll their eyes. Until the next night when they butter the roll and say eeeewww this is gross, it's bad! Really??? Didn't somebody tell you that yesterday morning????? It's ongoing. So I sometimes think/know that maybe it's just me. I'd share more in a PM, hate giving those details here Tummy-trouble people like us often get it and understand.


If you can freeze it you might really like it, I like it thicker and creamier,  If you like more of an Ice Milk consistency then you'd just mix it with more water. Maybe you can just bring a pack of Vanilla & Milk Choc. and mix it with super cold water, that might be yummy, pretty easy, and just like drinking water throughout your class/study if your teachers are okay with it. Hope you like it, I think it's yummy, but again, it gets old after months and years. Once my tummy is in better shape I usually get off of it to give myself a break, knowing that I'll need it again in the future. The longest time on it was nearly a year. I try to remind myself that I could drink a milkshake every day or Ice Cream every just get over it! Hope you find a version that works for you. Thank God I got this mix that I can swallow and enjoy and doesn't make me sicker. Hope you get lucky.


Like you, we also have an issue with an underweight family member. My dad. He just came home from the Hospital today. He's about 130 Lbs, maybe a little less. You can tell even when he's dressed with his 4-5 layers of clothes, as always. But when I saw him in just a t-shirt I couldn't believe my eyes, it was so far beyond upsetting, I still can't believe it. He's about 5'8", less now, because he isn't able to stand up completely straight. His norm was usually a healthy 150+ ish.But he won't drink the darn Carnation or anything. He was so cute the other night sitting at the table eating his little dish of ice cream and reading, with his blankie around him. Don't know why, it was just a touching 'picture' I hope to keep ones like that in my mind. He has a few health issues and so his diet is somewhat limited, unless it comes to his potato chips or peanuts or cheese every day!! He's bad news. It's hard because you want to keep him here as healthy as possible for as long as possible. On the other hand, you kind of feel bad arguing with him over these things, we talk about it a lot -sibs, me, mom- just don't know what to do.


Although.....there is one person who can reprimand him regarding eating salty things or adding salt to something. My niece. She is ssooooo the boss of him! She watches him at dinner and if he even goes near the salt shaker...look out!! You hear a very stern little voice "POP-POP!!!" That's all she needs to say. She's 10 now, but this is since she's like 5 yrs old. funny.


Hope your uncle fairs well with his routine/products of choice. I guess if it works for him....... I say ick.


Do you know if I didn't answer any PM's of yours? I hope not, and I have a hard time bouncing back & forth to try to figure it out. I've been much more active than usual and it's so wearing on me. I have the IV Iron again, 2x a week. Many doctors since I passed out a few weeks ago and went to the hosp. There may be some news that this has revealed, need tests. But that may be the lemonade I can make from those lemons.  I'll have to send you a PM, don't think it will be the next couple of days though.


Again, so, so happy for you and Lanndan (such an interesting name, any history behind it?) Take care and we'll 'schmooze' soon. Sorry so long. hope not too many typos of sentences that don't quite make sense, I didn't proof, probably obvious. Smiley Happy

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

@kssweetheart  The rubber ring snuggies are alright for now.  It feels weird from time to time, but I can deal with that in order to make sure my ring doesn't fall off.  Along with my weight, Lanndan is afraid to get it resized because of the diamonds in the band.  The jewelery said that if it needs to go down only 1/4 of a size, then the diamonds should be fine.  It's just the "what if gold needs to be added back later" that is bugging me and Lanndan.  I don't think home owners insurance would cover diamonds falling out of the ring, which I'm still confused about how that works anyway, or if it even would until we have our own place.


I'll have to do some experimenting with it when I have time.  Maybe I can turn it into a holiday drink of some sort lol.  Your dad sounds kind of like Lanndan's papaw when it comes to eating what he wants.  He'll be 92 in December, and he's not supposed to be have some sugar due to diabetes.  However, he was a pharmacist for years after the war, so he knows how much he can handle and when.  It still drives his wife crazy, though lol.  He doesn't look anything like 92 either.  When Lanndan told me that he was about to turn 90, I thought he was joking around, but it's the truth. 


I can't remember if I've received a PM or not.  School has fried my brain lol.  I have trouble keeping up with messages on Facebook mainly because the app for it on my phone kind of sucks lol.  Passing out is never fun, and I hope the doctors are able to help you.  I hope you didn't end up with a concussion from it.  Let me know how it works out with the doctors.



Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!



Even though I haven't been on here that long I do have to say it again Smiley Happy You are so adorable and you two look very happy together and even doobie looks happy. I hope you two have a wonderful life together!

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

@beautylovingirl  Thank you!!  Doobie loves Lanndan and vis versa.  We also call Lanndan's cat, Foxy, Doobie's sister lol.  Both of them get along well and play together.  Someday, they'll be living under the same roof. 



@machora  Thank you!!  I think some of our friends are kind of surprised we're waiting until after school.  One of my friends asked if I had the date set yet lol. 

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

Congrats, Kimmi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you and Lanndan taking your engagement seriously.

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

Congratulations Kimmi!  You two make such a beautiful couple.  I wish the both of you a lifetime of happiness!

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

How cute!! CONGRATS! You two look so happy togetherSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!


Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

@lowrah  Thank you!!



@waterbaby1981  Thank you!!  It's definitely nice to know others have waited to finish school before marrying.  From my graduating class, it seems like not many have waited.  It kind of confuses me, like Lanndan and I are the only ones going this route.  I think I'd have a panic attack if he and I tried to start our lives with school, work, work study, and everything else going on lol.



@keelybt  Thank you!  He and I will definitely be happy once we're out of school lol. 

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

@Kimmi1115 That's good that you guys are waiting! You have your whole lives ahead of you and are very smart to wait until you are in a comfortable place Smiley Happy

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

Congratulations Kimmi!  I'm so happy for you!  When Dan and I got married we made sure to finish college first as well, so you're definitely in good company!

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

Congratulations Kimmi!


Such exciting news, I'm so happy for you! Smiley Happy That's incredible news and you two look like such a fantastic couple, lots of happiness and now you can plan on a pretty dress and WEDDING NAILS and makeup!! How fun and how HAPPY this is for you both! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

Kimmi---I'm sooo happy for you!!! Congratulations to the BEAUTIFUL couple!!

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

@sephoramusthave - that post was so sweet. Love that you always go the extra mile and post such beautiful photos along with it. That's so sweet. Are any personal or just things you found? Realized the dresses look different, duh. Still, one could be you. That cake is Killing me, I can't imagine the $$ You're always so nice, you're a real doll. Smiley Happy

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

Best of luck to you both!  Your ring is gorgeous! 

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

@anaa  Thank you!!  Since we currently don't have young enough cousins to fill the roles of flower girl and ring bearer, I told Lanndan it would be so cool if we could train our cats for the job lol!  I can just see his sassy cat, Foxy, walking all sassy like down the aisle lol.  I think she knows when people talk about how pretty she is lol. 



@katie1724  Thank you!  We're both very happy, and are still in the processing of visiting our families.  With everyone's schedule, it's hard to pin down a time to go see everyone.



@sephoramusthave  Thank you!!  That cake looks yummy!!  Although we're still in school, I think getting ideas and browsing stuff will be fun and provide inspiration.  I told him yesterday I may start collecting bridal books and stuff.  If I find something I like now, it could be on sale in a year or two lol.



@dianabt  Thank you!!  The wedding nails will definitely be fun!  More than likely, I'll either do them or have the lady my future mother-in-law works with to do them.  I'll avoid acrlics, though.  I had them for prom, and I didn't think I was ever going to get them off!  The damage they left behind wasn't pretty either.  I wonder if the gel nails are nicer to natural nails.

Re: He Asked . . . And I Said Yes!!

@ Kimmie, gel nails/polish removal isn't as harsh as acrylics as they don't bend or add indents in your own nail bed, but the process does consist of soaking your nails in pure acetone to the fastest removal. When I've gotten gel polish done in the salons, they remove the polish by taking a cotton ball or pad soaked in acetone, applying it on top of my nail, then wrapping a piece of foil around it. They let it sit for 5-10 minutes then remove the foil/cotton pieces, and scrape the polish off with a flattened, metal instrument that looks like what you use to push cuticles back.


It's not a heavy duty, rough scraping process, the gel gets softened so it just "peels" off the nails, the scraping just eases it along so you're not chipping away at one hand with your nails to get the stuff off.


Gel nails are incredibly durable, my gel manis last anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks without chips or significant wear and tear. You can always do your own nails (or get them done) then have a clear gel coat put on top to preserve your color or design! That's what I had done when my friend turned 21 and I did my hot pink nails with her birthday glitter mix! (Posted in the nail forums a bit ago and on my photo stream here).

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