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Have You Ever Thought About Starting A Blog?

No spamming or anything like that, just a discussion.  I love how katyl128 asked about the forum rules when it came to her new blog.  I wish there were more people like that on the online world. 


Anyway, have you ever thought about creating a blog?  Everyone on here has a unique knowledge on the various topics.  I've played around with the idea for some time, but never knew what kind of blog.  Since I've been into nails for a while, I have thought about it.  It seems like a relaxing hobby, but there are a gazillion nail blogs out there. 


Like I said, I'm not trying to spam or anything.  Just honest discussion.  I hope I'm not in trouble or anything lol.

Re: Have You Ever Thought About Starting A Blog?

Lol, I can't even keep up writing a diary for more than a month. I had a livejournal in high school that I write/post in every other day, but now I'm too busy and there's not much to talk about. I have started a blog twice, both died after 2-3 month. It's easy to respond to a post, but considering how often I start a'll be a blog that's updated once a month, lol, in which case I'd rather stick to doing it on BT.

Re: Have You Ever Thought About Starting A Blog?

I've always wanted to make a blog about beauty, but I was worried that no one would read it. But who knows! Maybe I'll blog in the future!

Re: Have You Ever Thought About Starting A Blog?

I think that's what a lot of people are worried about. No readers. But it does take time to gain readers and when you do it's well worth it since they like the content you put out and take the time to read your blog! I still blog even though I have VERY little followers. I never promote my blog because I just would rather have someone find it on their own and if they really like it they'll follow. I'm not up for having people follow just to have more 'readers' Smiley Happy

Re: Have You Ever Thought About Starting A Blog?

I have the same fear too, but I guess you'll never know if you don't try and put yourself out there!

Re: Have You Ever Thought About Starting A Blog?

It's on my To-Do List, actually.  (Funny timing for this to appear on the top of the thread when I logged on today!)  


Question: What site do you know of or do you use to host a blog? Who is reputable?  Costs??

Re: Have You Ever Thought About Starting A Blog?

I recommend Blogger. If you have a gmail account just go to blogspot and you can create a blog there. It's free and if you want your own URL/domain link there's a bunch you can choose from. I bought my own blog name on godaddy. So instead of your blog URL being www . blank . blogspot . com it will be www . blank . com


If you're just starting out I recommend not buying a domain right away. But that's just my opinion Smiley Happy

Re: Have You Ever Thought About Starting A Blog?

Blogger is good like sephoralovex says, I'd also look at wordpress, that's where i have my new blog.  You can also use sites like dreamwidth or livejournal if you are interested in a more community feeling blog.  All of those sites are free though I believe with most of them you can pay to get more perks.


I've had blogs at all of those sites and I would recommend wordpress most for what you probably want.

Re: Have You Ever Thought About Starting A Blog?

If I ever have time, I'd like to do an acne-prone girl's guide to need-to-know information, treatments, authentic info sources, make-up and information about anything and everything that I've tried with some before, during and after pictures included.


Based on my experiences in acne treatments, dermatologistshave failed to provide me with important usage directions and warnings about Rx acne medications* unless there have been huge lawsuits about them. The only warning/safety precaution I've ever had mentioned to me was about Accutane in regards to pregnancy, and even that didn't mention the irreversible damage it can cause to the digestive system (Do guys who consider Accutane even get a warning booklet?).


Looking around online and at products, I don't see many products with see-it-for-yourself proof provided, so I'm hesitant to try things based on a sales pitch alone. Sephora's great because they have a fantastic return policy, but most Rx acne treatments that aren't covered by insurance are incredibly expensive and have no fallback money-back return policy if the product didn't work or caused things to worsen. Some topicals are $300 a tube! o.o"



*I only just found this out about clindamycin, a common Rx-level acne treatment that I've been using for years:

"Orally and parenterally administered clindamycin has been associated with severe colitis which may result in patient death. [...] Studies indicate a toxin(s) produced by clostridia is one primary cause of antibiotic-associated colitis" (US National Library of Medicine drug information webpage).

Re: Have You Ever Thought About Starting A Blog?

That's terrifying! I'm sure lots of people could really get a lot out of a guide like that! 

Re: Have You Ever Thought About Starting A Blog?

I've considered it, then the Sephora mods wouldn't have to be bothered by my trouble making, haha. Like have all the point perks and promo codes in one place, searchable if people wanted to see if something specific had ever been a perk and a page for each product with pictures and maybe a write up of my experience with a product and people could leave their own comments about how they liked something, if the size was good, etc. Ooh, and perhaps write a bot to check whether they're in stock for me and update them automatically.


I'm sure I could write about other things I buy too and in my fantasies about it maybe it would get big enough that other people would want to write articles too, any of the topics other people have mentioned wanting to write about sound great to me. I just don't know if people would bother to come to my blog or if it's better left here on BT. Maybe a bunch of us should be brave and start something together? A built in support system Smiley Happy

Re: Have You Ever Thought About Starting A Blog?

I want to start a beauty blog, I love makeup plus I  have worked the cosmetic counter at my local drug store> i know a lot about drug store makeup anddepartment store makep but I have 2 problems. 1 I don,t knnow were to start and to would people be interested in readin it?

Re: Have You Ever Thought About Starting A Blog?

@thesupergirl- If you want to start one, start one! 


With respect to BT, just remember not to post the link on the board (that's the biggest issue that inevitably comes up when people talk blogs).


There are plenty of free blog hosting sites- Wordpress, Blogger, etc.  Look around a few of the beauty blogs you like. Figure out what it is about them that you like. Content? Photography? Voice? Then, think abut what your voice would be.  What type of content do you want to put out there that's original?  The sky is the limit.


However. And this is a big one.  You shouldn't start by expecting a huge audience or doing it for others.  Blogging can be incredibly time-consuming and a pain in the rear.  Don't do it if you're doing it for others; start a blog for yourself.  If you're not enjoying it and chasing an audience, it'll be like work.


So, in sum, write for yourself.  Be yourself.  Be original. And most importantly, have fun with it.


Many of us have blogs and find it a fun outlet. However, for every blogger, there's 5 ladies who gave it a try and decided it wasn't for them.  We can't all be the most popular site, so it's important that it's for you alone.  If others dig what you've put out there, so be it!


Phew- that was my $0.02, plus an extra $0.01!

Re: Have You Ever Thought About Starting A Blog?

I love writing and I am incredibly opinionated so I'm sure I could find something. I just don't have any drive. I always have the problem that like minded people are never interested in the things I like.  There aren't many women that I get along with when it comes to anything.The only women I seem to be able to agree with everything on are my grandmothers. I have many interests that are more geared towards males but when a female does anything having to do with something a guy would like you will get creeped on. A blog for me just seems pointless and troublesome with no reward. 


Oh, and aren't blogs and social media basically the same thing? I don't understand why you need a Myspace, Facebook, the thing with the bird, and a blog?

Re: Have You Ever Thought About Starting A Blog?

You don't need Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterst, (Myspace? that's dead), and a blog... but they are all fun & each does something different. 

A blog is completely different from social media. Think of a blog as a magazine, or newspaper. 

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