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Hautelook: Cyber Monday shipping

Anyone buy anything from Hautelook on CM? My delivery date is showing from 12/19-12/26, really hoping that's wrong as I'll be leaving on 12/20 Smiley Sad Any experience with their shipping?

Re: Hautelook: Cyber Monday shipping

I bought stuff from Haute on 11/17 - three items and only one has arrived.  The other has no shipping info at all, the other has been processed for UPS (as of 11/27) but has not actually left their shipping area yet so no tracking info is available yet. 


I did place an order Cyber Monday due to the free shipping, have no idea when I'll actually see it though.  Prices are good but it's definitely not immediate gratification there.

Re: Hautelook: Cyber Monday shipping

I try not to order from them as their shipping is ridiculous. The few times I have ordered, it takes just about a month, maybe a little longer!

Re: Hautelook: Cyber Monday shipping

I buy from Hautelook, and their shipping times are horrible. I bought some of the Crown Brush sets to give as gifts on CyberMonday and my shipping time is the same as yours. When I called they told me that they send the orders to the actual retailer and then after it gets to the warehouse they send it out.  Hope it gets there in time!

Re: Hautelook: Cyber Monday shipping

Not on CM, but I've ordered twice recently with vastly different shipping results. I placed an order 11/9 that was supposedly going to arrive between 11/26-12/3. I actually received it 11/19. But I placed another order on 11/21 that was supposed to arrive between 12/2 and 12/4 and it still isn't here. 

Re: Hautelook: Cyber Monday shipping

Their delivery dates are pretty accurate (even thought they're terrible and take forever). I bought some pans for my mother's bday (over a month in advance) and a week after her bday passed they still hadn't shipped out, so I ended up cancelling that order. I didn't notice the ship date until after I placed the order, but they rarely ship anything out immediately.

Re: Hautelook: Cyber Monday shipping

damm.... lol. thanks all

Re: Hautelook: Cyber Monday shipping

It's not that they don't ship right away, they don't own the items, they don't keep stock. It's a sample sale site that makes deals with retailers and brands. 

The brand sets up stock, the sale goes live on Hautelook. After the sale has ended, Hautelook places the order with the brand. The brand then ships the items to Hautelook's warehouses. Once it arrives at the warehouse, it needs to get processed and stored. Then Hautelook will grab the items and ship it to the customer. So instead of the typical 1 week processing/shipping time it takes when you order from a brand directly, the time doubled or tripled. 

Sometimes items will come quicker, and sometimes they come later depending on issues, and if you purchased multiple items from different sales. 

This is the same for Gilt, Rue La La, My habitat... 

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