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HauteLook vs Sephora

I obviously enjoy shopping, thus the Rouge status Smiley Wink However I hate paying full price for stuff, so I hunt for sales like a cheetah after a tasty gazelle. HauteLook offers up some great deals but a) their shipping is a pain, and b) there are no perks to shopping on the site unless you refer people and that's not my style.


Lo and behold, Sephora now has on sale a bunch of stuff I already bough off of HauteLook at the exact same price! My mother was right, patience is a virtue. Had I waited a couple of months I could have gotten the same palettes for the same price, but for free shipping AND faster delivery. lesson learned, I will not foresake Sephora on brands I know they carry, and continue to hope they reintroduce TheBalm!

Re: HauteLook vs Sephora

I would love it if Sephora started carrying TheBalm again!

Re: HauteLook vs Sephora

I know I bought the palettes from hautelook as well, I loathe thier shipping . I buy from them weekly and by the time I get my boxes I have forgotten what I ordered. So annoying! I love the cheetah reference lol

Re: HauteLook vs Sephora

I love them both!! I've shopped HauteLook for a long time now. Their shipping has been terrible but this past Monday I ordered some boots and received them this past Thursday. I was really shocked. I'm hoping its a sign of faster shipping from them. Smiley Happy 

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