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Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

Right now I'm watching my mom shoot off spells in a forest in Harry Potter Lego, Years 5-7. my whole familly, except for my dad, loves it, and all the rest of the lego games for our playstation. do anyof you love the lego games as much as us? any other video games?
My personal favorite is actually little big planet, I just love the design and the random story line. the first is definatley better than the second.


Can't wait to hear what you all have to game...oops, i mean say...Smiley Wink


~~We are all beautiful~~


Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

After seeing that pic, it wasn't Oregon Trail that my school had lol. 

Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

@kimmi1115 my first gaming console was the origanal NES. Although I was born in '88, I started playing around with the controller when I was about 2. I didn't beat a level until I was about 5 or 6 though ... I just wanted to be like my daddy and play Mario haha!! I now have a Wii, PS3, Xbox360 and a Nintendo 3DS. I have a Blackberry Bold as of current, but whenever the iPhone 5 comes out  plan on getting that and playing LOTS of Doodle Jump, Words with Friends and of course, Angry Birds!! Hopefully there are some good zombie games for the iPhone as well! Smiley Happy

Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

@kimmi - You're too funny! I played Farmville too, but stopped before I got addicted. It's crazy how addicting those games could get. My friend was addicted to her Farmville that even while on vacation she had to make sure her crops got watered and the lawn was mowed. LOL


@ssmittys - I also have a Blackberry and can't wait to get an iPhone so I could play Words with Friends. I'm totally addicted to Scrabble, but not that great considering my addiction. HA!




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