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Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

Right now I'm watching my mom shoot off spells in a forest in Harry Potter Lego, Years 5-7. my whole familly, except for my dad, loves it, and all the rest of the lego games for our playstation. do anyof you love the lego games as much as us? any other video games?
My personal favorite is actually little big planet, I just love the design and the random story line. the first is definatley better than the second.


Can't wait to hear what you all have to game...oops, i mean say...Smiley Wink


~~We are all beautiful~~

Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

I love seeing things done over in Legos and I have Harry Potter years 1-4 on my IPhone and it is so fun! Haha call me a dork if you want! I love this Mario game we have for our Wii. I can't remember what it's called.

Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

I was actually watching Harry Potter Goblet of Fire while playing Lego Harry Potter 1-4....and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes.....I'm a dork.

Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

Normally I'm an iPOD Touch gamer (Doodle Jump, Oven Break, ect.) but my little brother has a Wii and PS3 I'll use occasionally. I love the Just Dance games! My friends and I have Just Dance parties. It's great.

Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

I love the Just Dance games!!! I am SO addicted to it and can't wait to buy the Michael Jackson experience! All that music makes me wanna get up and dance! Smiley Happy 



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

I'm such a boy when it comes to video games! I love all of the Call of Duty games (recently beat MW3), I was the only girl that got the latest Legend of Zelda game when it came out during the midnight release, I finished Super Mario 3D land over the course of a night, and next on my to do list is Skyrim.


Since all of us pretty girls like video games, I' m sure we're quite popular with the boys Smiley Happy

PS: Just Dance = best/most fun workout ever!

Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

I love videogames!!  Smiley Very Happy  The only Lego game I've played is the Lego Rockband Track Pack.  Some of the songs on there are really fun to play.  Rockband is one of my favorite games.  I'm proud to say that I can play some songs on hard on guitar and the drums, and the guys I know can't lol.  Including my boyfriend lol. 


Yesterday, I played the Sims 3 and MX vs. ATV Untamed.  I tried to play one of the Call of Duty games, but I had trouble because I'm not used to an Xbox 360 controller.  I play on a PS3.  I also play Wii, too.  Just Dance games can work up a sweat, but it's so much fun!

Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

Glad to know I'm not the only on BT that loves video games.


I have a Wii, which is always a fun thing to break out when company is over. My game collection is pretty limited, I have Mario Kart, Zelda, and Wii Sports. I really wanna get the Super Mario Brothers game and Mario Party, both great games for multiple players. I wouldn't mind a dance game or two either.


I also really enjoy zombie games. Last year my boyfriend and I beat both Left 4 Dead games together Smiley Very Happy

Whimsically yours,

Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

I love video games! My all time favorites are anything Zelda. They are so fun and I love that they are like puzzles and you have to think to figure stuff out! I have a Wii and love the Super Mario Galaxy games! Anything Mario really. I love watching people play first person shooter games but I am awful at them myself. I get myself too freaked out worrying about people shooting at me and I can't figure out how to stop looking at the ground lol. I do love the Fable games and the game Limbo was AMAZING! I love Harry Potter but haven't played any of the Lego games, I will have to try them!

Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

Reading everyone's replies is such fun!  I have a question....what was your first gaming console?


For me, back in the 90s, it was the Sega Genesis.  I still have it at my Granny's house lol.  I loved that thing.  My favorite games for it were Sonic Spinball, Toy Story, and the Wil E Coyote and Roadrunner game.  I had Pac Man for it, but I'm not that good at it lol. 

Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

@Janine I LOVE ZOMBIE VIDEO GAMES! haha but the ones that are really simple and just involve shooting the zombies down.. any more quests for magical axes or guns and I'm SO confused.


@Kimmi I had a Nintendo and a Sega. I actually still have my nintendo and all my original games! Super Mario, Ninja Turtles, a SCARY game with some weird Mouse called "Mappy Land".. I used to have a friend who had the BEST games ever, Adventure Island (this little caveman kid) and a Mickey and Minnie Mouse game. I do remember some SUPER old school X-Men games as well as a racetrack one on a plastic mat that was horrible to play with. You couldn't jump over hurdles without like, holding yourself in the air by balancing your arms on something for about 20 seconds. SO awful! Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

My first system was the SNES and aside from the obvious Super Mario Brothers games But my favorite game was this weird one called Darius Twin where you could play one or two player and you were basically jets that shot at things and there were these crazy alien fish/deep sea creature bosses. Anyway, it had the greatest music ever LOL. If you have a chance look it up on YouTube so you can hear some of it! Smiley Happy

Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

First console was the nintendo but we did have a few friends with the atari.  Both at times were fincky to set up.  Was also used to titles on DOS too.  A lot of those games were unforgiving.  Some RPGs even had an age stat so leveling mindlessly had a slight disadvantage too.  My niche was fighters and beat em ups were pretty fun (not on the wallet).  I blame hanging out at the arcades many years ago.  There are too many games to list. 


Last good RPG I touched was Tales of Vesperia (the one reason to have an xbox360).  The next Tales one out for release does not seem to be a must have so I might hold off till Xillia gets an NA release.  Also saves me money from buying a new console.


Lately, there really has not been anything in the market worth looking at (handhelds no thank you).  Quite disappointed with the selection for the past five years.  I have ended up buying more classic games off the markets (virtual console, arcade, etc) or off of good old games (a site worth checking out for classic PC games but at a good price.  And already converted for windows 7).


I preordered Xenoblade Chronicles which may or may not be good.  Hope it does not play for me (FF12).

Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

@dianabt  I think I've played Mappy Land before.  It's on one of the plug and play type deals.  It also has Galaga on it.  Love Galaga!



All of this talk about videogames reminds me that I need to look up info about the SSX game that is supposed to be released for the PS3.  I've heard talks about it, but I've not researched it.  I LOVED SSX 3 on the PS2.  It was my absolute favorite game.

Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

@Ran8, I had an atari too! hahaha it's a laugh compared to the games available now with such intense graphics!


@Kimmi Mappy Land was terrible! I didn't have the instructions so I NEVER knew how to play but it was so weird!


Speaking of computer games, I used to play one called "Alice" that was a sort of (other) creepy version of Alice in Wonderland.. I believe it was supposed to be made into a movie but it didn't happen. It's rather disturbing but its the one and only video game I have ever been hooked on. Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

@berniebeauty - This thread is so much fun! My sister actually sent me a photo of the whole Harry Potter lego collection. I love how all of them look. Also, I bought Little Big Planet for my young nephews and I feel like I enjoyed it way more than they did. Their game of choice was Call of Duty and other action games. Go figure!


My favorite game right now has to be Just Dance as well. I agree with ssmittys that it's a great workout. Smiley Happy You definitely don't feel that you've worked out until later.


@kimmi1115 - My first game console was also Sega Genesis. I think my first game for that was Toe Jam & Earl. When I think about that game, one of the characters actually looked like Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants, but with some horns or ears.


@diana - The only computer game I became addicted to was Snood. I would be forcing my eyes to stay open trying to get to the next level. Total nerd status!




Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

@tiffanybt  Power to the Sega Genesis!! lol  It's absolutely amazing how far videogames have come from the first Atari to Xboxes and PS3s to smartphone and tablet games.  The only downfall to this, so far, is trying to be connected to the internet to play against people and whatnot.  You have to have an excellent internet connection that is unlimited monthly.  Since I live in the boonies, we have Verizon internet and recently got 4G speeds on it.  I think it could work well for playing online if I got the equipment for it, but Verizon has a monthly limit f 5GB.  Playing videogames online would seriously eat into the data plan, and I would be in so much trouble lol.



Does anyone have any Facebook games they play or games on your smart phone?  I don't play FB games anymore, but I did love me some Farmville lol.  After a while, I finally retired from it, but then I got invited to Frontierville lol.  I've been retired from that one, too for a while now lol.  My smart phone sucks.  It's the LG Ally that runs on Android software, and there's a reason they didn't make an Ally 2 lol.  The problems have been getting worse with it, especially the battery dying so soon when I haven't played on it much.  Can't play on it much cause it's so slow.  The good news is that yesterday I found out I qualify for a full upgrade!  An iPhone 4 is being shipped to my door step lol.  I can't wait to play Words with Friends on it without dealing with a slow, laggy speed lol.

Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

@kimmi:  Mobile phones are the way to go as far as future gaming is considered.  I am not a fan of it but from a marketing/business standpoint, it has a larger share of users to reach out to.  While many are having a hard time justifying having a slim built PC (console), many do own a mobile phone. 


The games that play offline should not have any interference with your data plan.  Also, ask your mobile phone rep to evaluate how much data you are actually using a month (or track it when you sign into your account).  You might be surprised.  Most PC online games (ie muliplayer, mmos) barely take up any bandwidth in comparison to constant uploading/downloading of files (movie files size).  I assume that mobile phones are similar in that concept. 


Even consoles experience problems such as lag and delay when it comes to internet connectivity.  In other words loosing frame rates online can make games such as fighters incredibly frustrating to play (against online opponents) since timing (and frame counting in some cases) is a key strategy.  Not to mention opponents and distance/regions.


I am also not a fan of always be online (in order to play the game even singleplayer style) DRM practices.  As you mentioned living in the boonies or anywhere that is prone to a dropped connection constantly (ie also in florida when it rained heavily; older dwellings; etc) can make playing those games extremely frustrating.  Unfortunately some publishers do not understand that not everyone has a flawless connection (maybe South Korea does).


And be careful of those facebook games and anything labeled free to play.  The catch is to have customers buy digital items with real money.  While some of those are reputable, some downloads may be infested with some nasty critters (If anyone plans on doing any gaming with their PC, it is imperative to have the right protection and software installed).  If I have not said it over and over ALWAYS UPDATE adobe products (flash, shockwave, reader, etc).  It is very vulnerable and targeted all the time for exploitations; especially in the gaming communities.


Hope that helps a little.  Hope you enjoy your new phone.

Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

@ran8  You're exactly right about the future of gaming with mobile phones.  Rovio, the company that created Angry Birds, has probably made loads of moolah.  I bet they never orginally thought how far their app game would go along with merchandise.  T-shirts, school supplies, phone accessories, stuffies, dog toys, keychains, hats, Halloween costumes, and probably other things I've not seen yet. 


It would be nice if companies understood that all internet connections are not the same.  Verizon is getting better as long as it doesn't drop 4G service.  At my off campus apartment, I have cable internet that the apartment furnishes.  All I had to do was buy the router for my laptop and printer.  The speed is nice on my laptop, but it seemed slower when I connected my PS3 to it to check out what songs I could buy for Rockband. 




@ssmittys  Angry Birds will probably be the first game I download lol.  It drives me crazy how it won't play on my LG Ally.  Do get the iPhone when you decide on a new phone, and stay far away from Androids lol.  I will never have an Android again.  Have you seen the youtube vid for the iPhone 5?  My bf showed me, and if it is legit, that phone will be beyond amazing.  However, I'm afraid to see the price tag for it lol.



@tiffanybt  It is crazy how such a simple game can gain millions of addicted players lol.  I always checked my Farm right after I got home from school lol.  The Pawn Stars game looks like it would be fun.  While I was watching the show the other day, they aired a commercial about it and the changes they made to the game. 




Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

@Kimmi I LOVE Angry Birds! But geez it makes me angry trying to kill those pigs! haha Smiley Happy  I have an android phone that I love for the quick connection and service (maybe Verizon takes credit for that!) but it has had HORRIBLE meltdown issues. Maybe iPhone will be the way to go eventually..


I have never played those games on Facebook. I used to get SO annoyed having all of those "farmville" and "mob war" requests. Leave me alone!! hahaha.. Although another coworker of mine here  has a "zombie farm" that sounds a lot of fun. Harvesting a crop of zombies? haha

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Harry Potter Lego, anyone?

@dianabt:  Have you ever played or own a copy of Plants vs. Zombies (popcap games)?  I believe it is on many different platforms and inexpensive to purchase.  It is a fun little game to have around and does not require tamagotchi obligations. 


Every once in a while I do play a good round of bejeweled 2 out of boredom (free to play at the company's official site:  popcap).


Does anyone remember the old Carmen Sandiego games or the ones made by MECC (oregon trail, super munchers, etc)?  Those used to be on the PCs (IBM/Apple) at school.  Those had to have been the most interesting games offered at school.  There were some interesting things that came in the mail at home too (Software of the month club).  Some of those had game demos on the disc (but I cannot remember what any of the titles were). 


I did see a demo of angry birds but for some reason I have not really played around with it.  It always makes me think of a song parody on YouTube.

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