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So over the past few weeks, I have gotten bad news after bad news... I feel like I just can not get a break. Last night was the worst.. I won't go into to much detail, but basically the rest of my competitive year has gone to shreds.... the joy Smiley Sad


anyways, if anyone has anything pretty that can even make me smile that would be awesome! and enablers to go shopping (Sephora, Ulta, MAC etc!!) would be fun Smiley Happy




Re: Happyness

I heard dry brushing prevents cellulite as well.  I been trying to get into it dry brushing as Stacy Keibler who is a strong supporter of it has been touting some of the amazing health benefits of it.

Re: Happyness

Yeah I'm using it for that reason also, definitely helps with lymphatic drainage. I got a massage on Friday and my massage therapist was impressed by how quickly my legs heated up (improved circulation..I was pretty happy that they were sweating after, since I tend to carry weight in my legs more than anywhere else). I realized I'd put on a bit of Dermadoctor's Shrinking Beauty (which I think helped also), but I know I'm seeing improvements with dry brushing. So easy and beneficial!

Re: Happyness

I am sorry to hear. I know the feeling though. I once got bad news after bad news [family deaths, health issues, etc]. It was the worst. I hope you have someone to talk too!


I usually tend to feel better when shopping for makeup, most notably - lippy stuff. I actually just bought Fresh Sugar Lip treatment and I keep applying it over and over. It made my lips soft as butter but I am afraid my lips might "just slip away" how soft it became.

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