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So over the past few weeks, I have gotten bad news after bad news... I feel like I just can not get a break. Last night was the worst.. I won't go into to much detail, but basically the rest of my competitive year has gone to shreds.... the joy Smiley Sad


anyways, if anyone has anything pretty that can even make me smile that would be awesome! and enablers to go shopping (Sephora, Ulta, MAC etc!!) would be fun Smiley Happy




Re: Happyness

Lillyjumper- I know how you feel about your competitive year being shot, it happened to me once too and I felt like crap for awhile. But being with the horses and feeling their love, made me think that it's going to be ok. Not fast, and not all at once, but better each day. I hope you feel better soon.


Re: Happyness

and i qualified for the NAL finals and everything... and this was the first year that I could have done the finals....  I was showing and jumping around 4' and now I have a pony to train that could possibly do around 2'6"... Its nice to have a project to train, but I just wish I could go to finals and not have to worry about whats going to happen if my horse can never be ridden again....

Re: Happyness

Enabler assistance: ULTA is still running the 21 days of beauty, through Saturday, their daily beauty steals are fabulous. Haute Look still has Laura Geller on sale for 1/2 off (mostly). 


We here at BT all heartily endorse a good spending spree, I'm sure that all of us have found retail therapy to be the best kind, so go forth and shop!

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