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Happy teacher appreciation day!

To all my fellow teachers:  enjoy your day!  My school treated us to a nice lunch and some Fisher's popcorn! Yum!

Re: Happy teacher appreciation day!

So, just saying happy summer to my fellow teachers/anyone else who works with kids and gets off in the summer!  Woohoo for a break.

Re: Happy teacher appreciation day!

So, I just got back around to viewing this thread I started!  So glad to see fellow teachers on this board (and others who appreciate the job).    



Re: Happy teacher appreciation day!

We have Teacher Appreciation Week at my school!  I honestly didn't realize this day was an actual thing.  I thought it was just something our school did.  They cater in lunch, have parent volunteers supervise recess so we can have a break, etc...

 I work in the preschool room and while I absolutely appreciate the flowers and Starbucks gift cards (who wouldn't?!!) my favorite items are the hand drawn cards (with quotes straight from the 4 year-olds mouth) and the gifts the kid's pick out themselves!  I once received an air freshener.  "Madison said you like the smell of apples..." Smiley Very Happy  I do indeed. I was flattered she remembered the one time I said that!

Re: Happy teacher appreciation day!

I'm going to school to be a teacher! Early childhood and development major in the elementary education program Smiley Happy I can be a sub next school year because I'll have 100 credit hours and I'm so excited!

Re: Happy teacher appreciation day!

I'm a sub, and I never know if I fall into this or not.


I did have a child shove Hershey kisses at me today though, so that counts for something, right?

Re: Happy teacher appreciation day!

@Paiigee  I didn't see this until now, but subbing totally counts.  


Also so added a second later: Hershey kisses do count!  It's a rarity a child gives teacher a gift, not that it should or needs to happen, but it's an expression of their appreciation for u.

Re: Happy teacher appreciation day!

It totally counts. If you're in a classroom with kids, you count. Smiley Happy


Anyway. Happy appreciation day, to all my fellow teachers out there. Cherish today, because by tomorrow I'm sure we'll go back to hearing we're overpaid, don't work enough hours, and anyone can do what we do! 


Hold onto that chocolate. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Happy teacher appreciation day!

Happy Teacher's Appreciation Day! I am so thankful for the people with the heart and patience for this work.


I put together 5 boxes of beauty goodies for my boys' teachers. My younger son actually has 2. My older son insisted on rewarding 2 of his specials teachers. It is so sweet.

Re: Happy teacher appreciation day!

Nice you got lunch!  Enjoy your happy day!

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