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Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello Beauties,

Just hope your day was filled with love, whether it was receiving or giving to your family, friends, or even random strangers.

How did you all spent it?

Leaving everyone here a good note.


Re: Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi bananachoox3! Got to go to dinner with my honey. It was great! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Re: Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi there!  Happy valentine's day to you too! (even though I'm a day late, haha).


I spent my v-day at home with my boyfriend.  I attempted to cook him a Lebanese dish, and it turned out pretty good actually (although it took 3 hours to bake when it was only supposed to be 45 minutes...wah wah wah).  But it still tasted yummy and my boy appreciated it! A bottle of champagne also helped the time pass!  He got me gorgeous flowers and a card, and I got him a bag of his favorite candy and a card. I also got my dog a huge bone for her to enjoy!  Overall a nice valentines day!  It's been our third valentines day together, so I look forward to spending many more with him!

Re: Happy Valentine's Day!

My hubby and I gave each other cards and we had a great chocolate dessert. He took me to a fabulous Indian restaurant for lunch. The dog got a nice chewie and plenty of attention.

Re: Happy Valentine's Day!

I spent it at home with my boyfriend, I made dinner and we watched The Dark Knight. Nothing out of the oridinary, but any day I get to spend it with him I'm a happy girl!

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