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Happy Places

In line with the other posts about positivity, I thought I would add one about places you feel most happy, relaxed, or positive. It could be your room, the beach, the forest, skiing in the snow, or anything that comes to mind.


When I was younger, I lived ten minutes away from a beautiful beach in South Carolina. Every weekend, my friend and I would go and play in the sand, swim, sunbathe, and bond. I still remember how much fun I have and return to the beach during the winter holidays Smiley Happy

Re: Happy Places

Anywhere in my house, my backyard, it's huge and I love hiding in it, we have loads of trees.

The beach or park. Smiley Happy

Re: Happy Places

In/near water -- I love being in or near water -- whether it's walking along the beach ankle deep in water, going for a swim, sitting in a bath, rafting in a river, etc..I feel happy when I'm close to water. I can't explain why, but it just makes me feel revitalized. I should have been a pirate. Smiley Tongue


At the piano -- I don't play very well, but I lose all sense of time when I'm at the piano. It's my creative outlet.


Anywhere but here -- travelling always makes me feel good. I love visiting new places and experiencing different cultures. It clears my mind and gives me a lot of perspective. 


Re: Happy Places

I couldn't agree more! I find myself at peace when I'm walking/driving by a body of water, or sitting by the pool...anywhere surrounded by water, really Smiley Happy


Even when I'm at the airport I feel this sense of serenity. There's something about traveling and going to different places that gives me good vibes and introspection.

Re: Happy Places

Hi Ry22-


My happy place is the beach! I live a few blocks away and when it's gorgeous out, I like to go run to my favorite coffee shop. They have the best coffee and it always puts me in a good mood.


Another happy place of mine is sitting in the sun and reading a good book. It can be a park, coffee shop, pool etc.

<3 Melissa

Re: Happy Places

Right now my happy place is the park with my dog. I sit there and read or text and my beast either lays down in the grass or takes a walk to smell everything. lol It's so peaceful in the middle of the day when no one is around and i dont have to worry about anyone being afraid of him so I can let him off of the leash for a bit. It's a happy place for both of us. lol Smiley Wink

Re: Happy Places

Ooooo good point. There's a town park with a bunch of trails near my house. I love going for a run in the woods Smiley Happy its just so peaceful. That's probably in my top five happy places haha

Re: Happy Places

Hi ry22,


My happy place is definitely the beach.  Anytime I need to relax or unwind, siting in the sun is all I need.  Something about the warmth of the sun on my face, makes everything all better!  Water flowing is also relaxing.  I'm going to do some paddle board yoga this weekend with my sister & mom, which I'm sure will be super positive Smiley Very Happy


xo, Mia

Re: Happy Places

Great minds think alike haha. Enjoy your paddleboard yoga, it sounds like a blast!

Re: Happy Places

Thank you Smiley Happy  Its amazing!  If they offer it anywhere near you, I highly recommend it! 

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