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Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

Congradulations to Kimmi for 5k hearts! Your posts started my nail polish obsession, and I quite enjoy the pictures of your pets playing around. So cheers for 5000!


The kitty-in-bag is too adorable, tho if your dog also have that hobby, it might be a bit difficult to find a large enough box for him...


Re: Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

wow congrats kimmi1115 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5000 hearts!!! wow !!!!!!!!

Re: Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

Congrats kimmi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

Happy 5000 hearts Kimmi! Love your posts and pictures!

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