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Post in Besides Beauty

Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

Congradulations to Kimmi for 5k hearts! Your posts started my nail polish obsession, and I quite enjoy the pictures of your pets playing around. So cheers for 5000!

The kitty-in-bag is too adorable, tho if your dog also have that hobby, it might be a bit difficult to find a large enough box for him...

Re: Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

Congrats Kimmi! I think we first started out on BT around the same time-it seems like so long ago! haha anyway, I really do enjoy reading your posts.  Congrats!

Re: Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

I believe we did discover BT around the same time, and it really does seem like it has been a long time!  In a good way, though, since it's an online family.

Re: Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

Hey Kimmi!  Congratulations on such an amazing milestone!  I love your cat pics (I have 4 cats + a neighbor cat who eats here all the time LOL ) The nail designs are awesome.  Thanks for being someone who makes BT a great place. 


Re: Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!


Re: Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

Congrats for hitting the big 5000 Kimmi!!


A funny photo:

And a cute photo for the road Smiley Happy

Re: Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

I'm surprised Jasmine hasn't tried to escape like that somehow lol.  She meows when she wants to go outside lol.

Re: Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

Haha, that photo made me laugh so hard I almost choked on my morning coffee!

Re: Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

Wow!  Seeing this heart party was quite the surprise this morning! It's made my day!  Thank you all so much for it, the cute critter and nail pictures, and for making the forum so much fun!  If the forum had an app, my FB would start collecting some virtual dust lol.  


Everyone makes this forum so much fun, and I love how we are able to discuss many things, whether it's beauty related or something completely off topic. For example, at first, I was iffy about posting pictures of nails and animals because I figured it would become annoying.  Since no one yelled at me on FB, I decided to try it here.  (However, people on FB should yell at those who post multiple self photos every single day before they yell at my critters and nails lol).  I love how my animal posts led to others bringing in their furry family members.  I love hearing and seeing pictures of others' animals.  I'm one of those people who will come up to you at PetSmart and ask about your dog lol.


Thank you all so much again!  

Re: Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

Congrats Kimmi! 




Re: Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

LOL!!  The cat and the lipstick!!  That is hilarious!!  He/She kind of reminds me of the joker lol.

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