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Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

Congradulations to Kimmi for 5k hearts! Your posts started my nail polish obsession, and I quite enjoy the pictures of your pets playing around. So cheers for 5000!

The kitty-in-bag is too adorable, tho if your dog also have that hobby, it might be a bit difficult to find a large enough box for him...

Re: Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

Congrats Kimmi1115! I always look forward to your nail and pet posts, two of my favorite things! Thank you for always contributing and sharing with us, you're a very valued member of our community Smiley Happy







Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

That looks like Meat Head and Nala! lol Smiley Very Happy

Re: Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

Congratulations Kimmi!  You have given us all such great advice and such smiles with your animal pictures and posts about Meat Head!  Always look forward to hearing from you.


5000 hearts is such a milestone, here's to 5000 more!

Re: Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!




Thanks for all that your stellar contributions and always sharing fun animal pictures with us.




Whimsically yours,

Re: Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

Yay Kimmi! Happy 5000 hearts Smiley Happy I too look forward to your amazing nail posts and kitty pics.

Re: Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

I literally started laughing out loud when I say the cat wanting french tips!  I'm going to have to save this to my laptop!

Re: Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

Yay, congratulations Kimmi!!!!!  Every one of those hearts is so well deserved!  I have really enjoyed your posts and all the awesome pet photos and stories, it really adds so much of the personal touch to BT!


@beautytester -- OMG!  the cat in the bowl!!!! LOL!!!!

Re: Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

Haha, the cat probably enjoy being in the bowl, too. One of my friend have a super fat/huge cat and it likes to curl up in the sink. It's so big it takes up the entire bathroom sink!


I wonder why they enjoy small spaces. I like curling up in awkward/strange positions in small space when I'm stressed, but it's not like a cat's life is ever oh so stressed. lol.

Re: Happy 5000 hearts to kimmi1115 !!

I will never understand why they love such small spaces.  Doobie has been sleeping in a women's size 8 Nike shoe box, and I don't know how he curled up in it.  

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