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Happy 500 hearts to Rikkie!

Haha, what would us Sephora addicts do without your list of promo codes?


You've truly made a key contribution to BeautyTalk (and probably Sephora) as well as made lot of members happy. Thanks!


Re: Happy 500 hearts to Rikkie!

Congratulations for 500 well-deserved Hearts!  It takes a lot of time and effort to compile your lists and keep them updated.  We at BT appreciate your enabling efforts!  Here's to many more hearts to come!  *glasses clinking*

Re: Happy 500 hearts to Rikkie!

Congratulations!! 500 hearts is awesome! We all are so appreciative of all the work you did to put together the promo code post, and for everything else you share with us :-)

Re: Happy 500 hearts to Rikkie!

Yaaaay, more hearts for rikkie!  Our wallets shake in fear at your approach, but rest assured we BTers are ecstatic you've joined our ranks!

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