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Happy 4000+ hearts to Sephoramusthave!

Amidst all the things that are happening, it is comforting we have such a wonderful and supportive community to be apart of, to help cheer us up.


Congradulations to Sephoramusthave for 4k+ hearts! Lol, I especially enjoy posts of your spotlessly clean finished products and the lolcats. Thanks for all the enjoyable posts and chats!

Re: Happy 4000+ hearts to Sephoramusthave!

I was wondering the same thing lol.  It came with the Naked palette!  I'm not one to pass one extra products coming with the palette lol.

Re: Happy 4000+ hearts to Sephoramusthave!

LOL at judgemental lolcat making us feel defensive about our mini UDPPs! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy


Re: Happy 4000+ hearts to Sephoramusthave!

We need to make a specific meme that goes "Mini UDPP from palette....accepted....Mini UDPP on its own purchase....what were you thinking, just get full sized!" Smiley Tongue

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