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Happy 400 hearts gabidee!

I has been so long since there was a heart party! SPREAD THE LOVE!!!!!! Congrats gabidee! 400 hearts is awsome! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Happy 400 hearts gabidee!



Aww, thanks! I love posting for everybody Smiley Very Happy


*Eats delicious cupcakes and cake*




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^all have "" after that.

Re: Happy 400 hearts gabidee!

Congratulations, Gabidee!  The hearts were well earned!  Continue to post on here and posting on your blog!  (I loved the post about the Bobby Pin Keepers!)

Re: Happy 400 hearts gabidee!

Congratulations gabidee on your 400 hearts!  Love your posts, you always have such great answers and happy thoughts!

Here's to your next 100, I'm sure they'll be great!


*wheels out huge cake on trolley, with a big 4-0-0 in candle toppers!* 

Re: Happy 400 hearts gabidee!

OMG!!!! yay!!! i love all of your posts can't wait for 400 more!!

*takes cake, palys balck eyed peas music, puts out balloons*

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