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Happy 3000 Hearts to LYLYSA!

I noticed that she starts a lot of these hearts parties, and realized that she just reached over 3000 hearts! Congratulations! You're presence on BT is very loved. Thanks for being super helpful and awesome!

Here's to 3000 more hearts <3 <3 <3






Re: Happy 3000 Hearts to LYLYSA!

Epic Catman, Janine!!! Thank you!!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Happy 3000 Hearts to LYLYSA!

Dang 3000?! Hearts party this whole week! Congrats Lylysa, love having someone so knowledgeable in everything thing. You are awesomeee. HERE HEREEE

Re: Happy 3000 Hearts to LYLYSA!

Thank you thank you, Bananachoo! Partttayyyyyy!

Re: Happy 3000 Hearts to LYLYSA!

Happy 3 0 0 0  hearts girlfriend!!!  Ur also one of my favorite peeps on here, I love reading ur posts, helpful and always entertaining.  


Keep going for 30000000 more !

Re: Happy 3000 Hearts to LYLYSA!

Thanks so much, Makeupobsessed! You're terrific!

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