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Happy 3000 Hearts to LYLYSA!

I noticed that she starts a lot of these hearts parties, and realized that she just reached over 3000 hearts! Congratulations! You're presence on BT is very loved. Thanks for being super helpful and awesome!

Here's to 3000 more hearts <3 <3 <3





Re: Happy 3000 Hearts to LYLYSA!

WOW she just hit 2000 the other week, it seems!!!!!  CONGRATULATIONS LYLYSA 3000 and still going strong!  Obviously I love reading your posts but I've realized recently that you have a _very_ mischievous sense of humor as well, which has caused me many laughs!  So thanks for those too Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy


@veevli -- omigosh the pink Batman awesome!!!

Re: Happy 3000 Hearts to LYLYSA!

Hehehe, yeah, my sense of humor will dip into the dark side every once in a while Smiley Tongue, but it's all in good fun when I jest!


You're so awesome, Drrragon and you definitely help add zest to BT!

Re: Happy 3000 Hearts to LYLYSA!

Holy cow! I thought this was a revived heart thread from before but it's a brand new one!!!! 


Thank you thank you, Veevali for throwing this for me!


I must say....HOLY CAKE, BATMAN!!!!! That's soooo perfect, I can't help myself!!! Hahaha! I so want that cake now!!!! It matches my profile photo! Ahhhh!


I love being here on BT with all of you so much, you make this place such a joy and I love how this online community is so welcoming and everyone is here to help and have fun!


Thank you!!!!


Re: Happy 3000 Hearts to LYLYSA!

Congratulations Lylysa, I still love your informative posts and chattering about off topic things with you!  Speaking of which, any luck on your makeup utility belt yet? Smiley Tongue


Re: Happy 3000 Hearts to LYLYSA!

Thanks so much, Moregun!


Ermmerrgawd!!!! There's gonna be so much Batman stuff in this thread my head is going to explode!!! O_O


Haha, what's funny is that my b/f and I went to a comic convention one time and he got me a bright yellow belt and the buckle has the yellow/black Batman logo, but it also flips to a bottle opener! It's funny, at parties someone will be searching for a bottle opener or look lost with a bottle and there I go, right to unbuckling my belt and folks look so startled, like "WHAT is she doing?!?" Then they realize I can open the bottle with my belt and they laugh. Smiley Tongue

Re: Happy 3000 Hearts to LYLYSA!

congrats girl!!! I love all your posts!!

Re: Happy 3000 Hearts to LYLYSA!

Thanks, Sephoramusthave! That cake looks I could cut into it and drown in chocolate! Yum!

Re: Happy 3000 Hearts to LYLYSA!

Hey, Lylysa! Super big congratulations on the Huge 3000 hearts! Your posts are always so informative, I've learned a huge amount (and saved a bundle of $ on your advice on products to skip).


I always check your posts first, thanks for being a great friend and confidante!

Re: Happy 3000 Hearts to LYLYSA!

Thank you so much, Prettyinpa, your words mean so much to me!


I'm truly greatful and honored to call you my friend!


We can put the Batman cake next to your tiered rainbow cake! Hehe!

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