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Happy 2900 Hearts tenngal!!!

Happy 2900 hearts tenngal!!! Smiley Very Happy I look forward to your next 100 hearts!!! You do such a wonderful job answering my questions here on Beauty Talk!!

>Passes out cake<

Re: Happy 2900 Hearts tenngal!!!

OMG!  That's totally crazy! Wasn't it just like a month ago you got 1000? I don't doubt it though. You do such a great job on here and you are such a great friend. Congrats, sweetie!

Re: Happy 2900 Hearts tenngal!!!

Oh my gosh!  Thanks for that party!

I'm so excited!!!

Thanks pandapple for throwing me a party and thanks katimae for your sweet words. 

Everyone here on Beauty Talk is the best!!!

Re: Happy 2900 Hearts tenngal!!!

Wow!  You're closing in on the 3000 mark!!  Congratulations, Tenngal!!  Your advice on here is very helpful.  I believe you could be a makeup encyclopedia lol Smiley Happy   


*passes out treats from TN's Pal's fast food*

Re: Happy 2900 Hearts tenngal!!!

I'm not surprised you're already at 2900 hearts! WOW that's alot.


Your presence in Beauty Talk is definitely known and much appreciate by all. The advice you give on not only makeup, but off-topic issues is something I always look forward to reading. Now to look forward to your next party, 3000.


CONGRATULATIONS tenngal! This party is well deserved. Smiley Wink

Re: Happy 2900 Hearts tenngal!!!

Yay! Congrats! 3000 is coming up..........

Re: Happy 2900 Hearts tenngal!!!


Re: Happy 2900 Hearts tenngal!!!

Thanks SO MUCH to all of you for attending my party and for your kind words.

I really love helping others, if I can, plus I love talking (writing) back and forth with all of you because I feel like Beauty Talk is one big happy family of people who have their love of makeup and Sephora in common.  Everyone is always so friendly and nice that I always leave Beauty Talk feeling happier for having logged on.

You all are great!!!

Smiley Happy

Re: Happy 2900 Hearts tenngal!!!

Hey tenngal!

Congratulations on each and everyone of your 2900 hearts! I worry that if I go out of town again, I'm gonna be late for your BIG 3000 party!

You work so hard on all your posts, I am so grateful for your advice and friendship!

Love your posts! 

Re: Happy 2900 Hearts tenngal!!!

Tenngal, that's insane!!!  Congrats! 2900 hearts is really something to be proud of.  Thank you so much for all of your amazing advice-you really know so much about the products from Sephora (in all categories really) and have helped me get involved in the makeup world too! I'm sure you'll be at 3000 hearts in no time Smiley Happy  Thanks again!

Re: Happy 2900 Hearts tenngal!!!

Tenngal, you have been an amazing help to me. When I first got on BT, I was a newbie to makeup and you have made me feel like so much more than that through your incredible advice and suggestions. Thank you so much for your devotion to Beauty Talk  -it is so appreciated!

Re: Happy 2900 Hearts tenngal!!!

Less than 100 hearts away from 3000! You're amazing Smiley Happy


Re: Happy 2900 Hearts tenngal!!!

Wow!!!! 2950 ! That's a lot of great advice!!!
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