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******Happy 200 Hearts Party for BEEBRUNET`*****

Girl, you are always making parties for others and now its YOUR turn.


Thank you for giving great advice and being the happy upbeat person that you are! ( love your colored fonts:D)


Hula party?

Re: ******Happy 200 Hearts Party for BEEBRUNET`*****

And here's the music...and the dancers...

Re: ******Happy 200 Hearts Party for BEEBRUNET`*****

Good pics, sephoramusthave, you're making this party really lively 😉

Re: ******Happy 200 Hearts Party for BEEBRUNET`*****

BTW, this is ridiculously ridiculous and FUN!

It's so strange, I've never been held a party online but it's fun too! 😉

Re: ******Happy 200 Hearts Party for BEEBRUNET`*****

Thanks, that really hit the spot. Nothing like a nice drink to make the workday less unpleasant. 🙂

Re: ******Happy 200 Hearts Party for BEEBRUNET`*****

Congrat Beebrunet!


I always like seeing your fun new posts. They always get me thinking about my make up, the ones I do and dont like. I always look forward to your posts. So thank you for all of your time and effort! It has not gone unnoticed.


Smiley Very Happy

Re: ******Happy 200 Hearts Party for BEEBRUNET`*****

Way to go, bee!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!  You deserve every heart you have.  I love reading your right on advice and your fun topics.  Keep it up!  ***puts on party hat and throws confetti for bee*** 🙂

Re: ******Happy 200 Hearts Party for BEEBRUNET`*****

It is true isn't it?  Grats!


Have enjoyed the threads made about favorite products.  Keep up the good work!


Hrm... Passion fruit and Guava here.  My favorite of the tropical fruits and smells. 

Re: ******Happy 200 Hearts Party for BEEBRUNET`*****

Hey, ran8, do you know me? Perfect party-I love passionfruit and guava's scents too 🙂

Re: ******Happy 200 Hearts Party for BEEBRUNET`*****

I don't think so?


Ever had guava juice?  Love it.  Too bad it's too far away to import. Slightly sweeter than OJ but refreshing.  If only that trip was more affordable, this would be the time of the year to go enjoy those.  Maybe in another 5-10 years (with hopefully a better career, ha!).  Least the jam and cookies can be shipped. 


When I saw LAVANILA's box set around the holiday season, snagged it.  Good stuff.  Also have a Pacifica body wash in Guava too (their perfume on the other hand doesn't do it for me). 


Sounds like the perfect party idea though.  Keep this thread going and it could end up being a 300 hearts party.  XD

Re: ******Happy 200 Hearts Party for BEEBRUNET`*****

Aww.. Thanks everyone! 🙂 I was totally NOT expecting this! I feel so unworthy! I just have so much fun on here! I hadn't been on since the morning, so I had no clue. I especially didn't think someone would give me a 200 hearts party, either!

Thanks Sephoramusthave for giving me a party!

And thanks everyone else who replies to this post and that I have awesome conversations on beauty talk with!

I love talking to you all, and I've become really good friends with a lot of you!

p.s. Love the hula party lol!

p.p.s. I'll try a differnet coloured font-whatcha' think? lol


Cheers 🙂


Re: ******Happy 200 Hearts Party for BEEBRUNET`*****

Oh Bee, my friend, how wonderful that you have reached the 200 heart milestone!  I always get a smile on my face from your comparisons of various makeup products and you always put such a cheerful outlook to all your posts! Keep on postin'!!!


Aloha-ha-ha!!! *Tries on grass skirt, notices that needs to tan legs, starts to fix Mai-Tais*

Re: ******Happy 200 Hearts Party for BEEBRUNET`*****

`*brings in a full bar equipped with all the cocktails in the world*


Alright, I'm bartending this joint. 


Who wants what? I'm blending a Pina Colada for myself, feel free to shout out your favorite drinks.

Re: ******Happy 200 Hearts Party for BEEBRUNET`*****

Congrats, Bee!! Keep it up with your creative posts -- I really enjoyed the polls 😄

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