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Happy 1000 hearts to kssweetheart!!!

Super duper yay! CONGRADULATIONS to kssweetheart! A Hall of Famer and dear friend from way back in the days (of old website when I first started).


One of the sweetest people around and writer of legendarily long posts. =P


I see that you've been on more consistently nowadays (with slightly shorter posts, lol). Good to have you back and Cheers! I've been waiting forever for you to reach 1000!


So excited~~~~~

   HeartHeart  HeartHeart

Heart      Heart      Heart

   Heart          Heart



Re: Happy 1000 hearts to kssweetheart!!!

You are worth it, girl friend. Stay healthy, stay sweet and stay here. =P

Re: Happy 1000 hearts to kssweetheart!!!

Congratulations!  Many more hearts!

Re: Happy 1000 hearts to kssweetheart!!!


Re: Happy 1000 hearts to kssweetheart!!!

Thank you all so much, this came at the perfect time. Just talking to somebody this AM and we were discussing the need for abundance in various areas of life, one thing I mentioned is the need and hope for Abundance of Love....Well, here it is. Truly Awesome the way things come together like this. This was so enriching and means more than just messages about hearts, it goes much deeper than that. You all have no idea what you've given me, can't wait to send it back to all of you.

Can't do "Reply To *so-and so*" So thank you all en masse.

Have to mention the yummy looking cookies from **jellybean917**

-The cool animated hearts from **beautylovingirl**

-The red hearts from **beautyjunkie325** I just picture me laying down and those just dropping into my mouth, so good.

-The cupcakes from **lylavega** Oh my stars, Deeee-lish! and really loved your Holy Wowzer, I use wowzer but never Holy wowzer, I like that, hope you don't mind me borrowing it. Smiley Wink

-**spedteacher74** - The dogs! You know the way to get me. I happen to Love "The Dog" pictures like the ones you posted, They are perfect. I adore those pics, perfect choice for me. How'd you know that?? Psychic maybe?

-makeupobesessed, just seeing you're doggie avatar makes me Smiley Happy - Guessing he's yours, I love him, what mix is he/she?


Thank you all so much. You have no idea how much you've done for me. Thank you for lighting up my heart and spirit and sending me such good energy, It is really needed and so appreciated. You all rock! Thanks again. Hope this wasn't to sappy, just wanted to let you know how great you've made me feel. Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy


@1930'sbella - been thinking about you, need to send you a PM, I'll try on Sunday, hopefully. Thank you. Smiley Happy

Re: Happy 1000 hearts to kssweetheart!!!

Congratssss!!!!!!!! <3 hope you like the cake! baked it myself Smiley Wink hehehe45490_10150249654015424_534510423_14101354_4002277_n.jpg

Re: Happy 1000 hearts to kssweetheart!!!

@beautytester - thanks for the sweet & quick reply - I'll try to stay healthy, sweet and here. You have my permission to give me an online smack upside the head if I'm not those things at any point. Thanks again for letting me know this was happening.


***YEAH!! WOO-HOO!! and Thanks to everyone. Smiley Happy Thought I'd never make 1000 hearts - This is so fun and exciting. Smiley Happy

Re: Happy 1000 hearts to kssweetheart!!!

@georgiaastat - I'm in heaven, I can practically taste that's the Candy Corns that I'm eating! Smiley Wink

I will have some of your amazing cake and some ice cream with it after my candy corns. Thanks a bunch. Smiley Happy

-That cake really does look amazingly delectable. On top of that, zero calories for me!!

Re: Happy 1000 hearts to kssweetheart!!!

Smiley Happy heheh you're welcome, zero calories yesss Smiley Wink

Re: Happy 1000 hearts to kssweetheart!!!

Happy 1000!!!!!

Re: Happy 1000 hearts to kssweetheart!!!

I know I'm late on this party, but better late than never!!!!


Kssweetheart, you have been a nonstop source of smiles and good times here in BT!


To my fellow long post-poster, I salute you!!! Hat's off to you for crossing into the 1K territory!



Re: Happy 1000 hearts to kssweetheart!!!

I am a bit late too but here I am yay congratulations on your 1000 hearts kssweetheart !

Re: Happy 1000 hearts to kssweetheart!!!

Fashionably late, my friend, unless you are a year late or something, lol.

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