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Happy 1000 hearts to Candacebt!

A sincere congradulations to Candacebt! who is responsible for mani and expert threads and such. Also the wonderful lady who packed extra eyeshadows for Hall of Famers in the eyeshadow giveaway and offered the custom avatar for 2k+ BTers.

Thanks for all the love and hardwork! Sephora's not perfect and lots of complaints probably goes to you guys/the front, just want you to know we appreciate all the things you guys do for us. =)

Re: Happy 1000 hearts to Candacebt!

Yay! Congrats Candice, thanks for all you do on BT!

Re: Happy 1000 hearts to Candacebt!

Congrats, Candice!  Thanks for all your helpful advice and keeping us in line!


Re: Happy 1000 hearts to Candacebt!





Re: Happy 1000 hearts to Candacebt!

Congrats Candace! 1000 is such a huge milestone!

Re: Happy 1000 hearts to Candacebt!

Congrats Candace...thanks for all you do on here for us!! Smiley Happy

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