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Happy 1000 hearts Roxystar4!

Wow, I was just roaming around Beautytalk and saw that you have made the big 1000 hearts club!  Congratulations!  Your posts are always so fun and your avatar with your darling son is sooo cute!

Raising a toast to your next 100!

Re: Happy 1000 hearts Roxystar4!

Hahaha, I love the "HEY!!!" look the other little guy is about to give him. 


Congrats on 1k+ hearts! 

Re: Happy 1000 hearts Roxystar4!

his cousin started wailing and so we had to re light the candles so that he could blow them out.

Re: Happy 1000 hearts Roxystar4!

Awww, poor thing! At least he got his candles after all. Smiley Happy Kids are hilarious. 

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