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Happy 100 Hearts, Arielaaaaaaaa!!!!!

WHOOOHOOOO!!! Congrats, Arielaaaaaaaa, you've broken into the triple digit heart zone! It's so great to have you here on BT, especially with the advice you lend on so many hair topics with your expertise and knowledge!


Live it up, it's only more and more hearts from here!!!


And believe it not, that last pic is a cake!!! How crazy and creative is that!??!?!

Re: Happy 100 Hearts, Arielaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Oh my Goodness!!! So cute!!! That is awesome!


Re: Happy 100 Hearts, Arielaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Lol seriously! I love the Internet because stuff like this exists!


Re: Happy 100 Hearts, Arielaaaaaaaa!!!!!

I want to watch The Little Mermaid now!

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