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Hand Bags storage 101

I have so many bags, i bought one bag organizer, but it is full now, i need to keep extra ones outside, but i like my ones to be organized, i dont like to store them outside openly, any  ideas? how u guys store bags show me urs pics

Re: Hand Bags storage 101

I have one of these and I just toss all my bags on the bottom of the portable closet.

Re: Hand Bags storage 101

I converted a spare bedroom into a closet to house all of my  I have a couple hundred handbags, and I store them all in their dustbags in their boxes to prevent light and moisture from ruining the leathers and exotic skins.  I use shelving to put all the boxes on, and also fabric or plastic storage bins (with air holes to keep them from drying out) when I run out of shelf space .  I always, always, always keep them stored away from any source of moisture and light.  

Re: Hand Bags storage 101



I'll have a spare bedroom as soon as 4 children move out.  Then I too will designate a room for handbags!  And shoes!

Re: Hand Bags storage 101

I actually use a coat rack for some of my handbags.  The rest of them I store either inside my drawers or at the bottom of my closet in a sort of cubbie storage.

Re: Hand Bags storage 101

Bag storage can be highly dependent on the shape/size of the bag, the material the bag is made from, and how much space you have to utilize.


If you have a regular rotation of purses that you use and wish to keep out and easily accessible, try a storage unit that includes multiple cube-like openings.

Luxury Living Park-a-Purse Organizer


Depending on the size of your bags, you can fit one or three into each slot and they'll be kept together where you can easily see the bag you need, grab it, and go.


If you don't have a lot of space to have cube-storage units out, try hanging options. The one below is better suited for smaller purses and handbags and have elastic bands to hold the purse in place, fitting two on each tier. This allows you to make the most out of using vertical space and can be stored in a closet with ease.

Real Simple® Purse Organizer


The above two options are sold at Bed, Bath, & Beyond.


Some other hanging options would be coat/tie racks.


These would actually be better suited if you have cross-body bags or ones with longer straps so the bulk of the purse body isn't too crowded together. Coat racks can easily be mounted to walls rather than keep your purse storage secluded to a closet.


If your bags have shorter handles and you wish to even utilize your doors, check out this hanging rack:


If you have lots of smaller wristlets or clutch type purses, try basic shoe organizers that hang:


Something like that can allow an easy visual to locate which item you need and can keep smaller bags in place easier.


If you have purses made of more delicate/finer materials, I would highly recommend storing them in a dust bag with a silica packet or some moisture absorbing agent and keeping it in a box away from prolonged/regular exposure to heat, light, and the elements.


If you have large totes and bags that aren't hard-bodied and are made of fabric and can flatten out easily, try storing them in containers or drawers under your bed if there is space.



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