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Halloween costumes

Hey guys-

I know it's a little early to be thinking about Halloween, but I want to get good costume ideas this year. What costume would you suggest for a 13 year old freshman? The past three years, I was Ms. America twice and a zebra once. I have blond hair and blue eyes, but if someone were to suggest something like Cleopatra, I would gladly buy a wig! I kinda want something glamorous and I'm open to doing cool face/body makeup (btw I found a great site called beautylish that has TONS of tutorials including Halloween ones). Also, if anyone has good ideas for group costumes let me know. I will probably be going with 6 or 7 friends but we may have more people coming and we don't have to dress alike. I just want to know soon so I can start shopping for it lol. Thanks everyone!


Re: Halloween costumes

Next to Christmas Halloween is my all time favorite holiday!


I usually start planning my Halloween costumes mid August because they're usually a little elaborate or require specific things to really make the costume pop. Last year I was a toddler beauty pageant queen which was SO much fun to put together. I found a poofy dress from the 80s, cut it to be knee length, and added a huge petticoat. I made a pageant banner, wore a crown, a big wig, I finished everything off with laced socks and white heeled mary janes.


Doing my makeup was the best part just due to the fact that I got to apply my makeup super heavy. I contoured the heck out of my face, wore bright Malibu barbie pink lipstick, and got to experiment with some shadow colors that I don't usually wear on a daily basis.

This was probably my favorite Halloween costume to date.
For this Halloween I'm going to be Hello Kitty! She has so many different outfits that she wears, but I'm thinking about going with the classic shorts and suspenders.


Going as a pop star is always a great way to go! Especially if you had friends that could join you as other singers. Other really fun costumes would be dressing up as a doll, a show girl, a fairy, a cat (it's classic but I've seen some really done up cat costumes), a disney princess, a roller derby girl, a ballerina, goldilocks (you should see if 3 friends would be interested in being bears).

Whimsically yours,

Re: Halloween costumes

I think it would be fun to go as Lady Gaga! Your friends could be Katy Perry, Rihanna (if they were African-American), J Lo, etc. Dressing up as a rocker would be awesome and you could have a blast with makeup. Feel free to choose different rocker if you like her better, this is just a suggestion.

Or a vampiress, that's always fun.

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